CAD and Engineering Blogs

Blogs, news and aggregators about CAD, Engineering and related industries.

3D CAD News 
CAD industry news.

3 Dimension Engineer
Engineering, 3D Printing and other industry topics.

3DVision Technologies Blog 
SolidWorks news and tips.

Another Fine Mesh
Mesh and simulation.

Axis CAD Solutions
Animation, graphic arts and other industry news.

Boxer’s Solidworks Blog 
Deepak Gupta’s SolidWorks blog.

Brian McElyea’s SolidWorks blog.

CAD Insider
Roopinder Tara’s blog for an inside look at the CAD, CAM and CAE industry.

The CAPINC Blog for SolidWorks & Stratasys

CATI Technical Notes
SolidWorks product topics.

Caveat emptor
A CAD User Advocate Blog.

Composer Blog
SolidWorks Composer corporate blog.

Dan Herzberg
Rocket scientist, amateur photographer and SolidWorks aficionado.
Deelip Menezes’ CAD industry news.

Develop 3D
CAD industry new and features.

Fisher/Unitech Blog
SolidWorks blog.

Graphic System’s SolidNotes
Blog covering SolidWorks and data management.

Jeff’s Tool Shed
SolidWorks news.

Jos Voskuil’s Blog
PLM industry news and reviews.

Lenny’s SolidWorks Blog
SolidWorks and API.

Mecad’s SolidWorks Blog
South African SolidWorks blog.

Michael Lord’s Blog
Personal blog that happens to be about SolidWorks.

Mike Puckett’s SolidWorks Blog
SolidWorks and certification.

Prism Engineering Blog
Engineering blog.

Ricky Jordan’s Blog
SolidWorks news and reviews.

CAD and graphic arts industry topics.

SolidWorks Blog
SolidWorks Corporate blog.

SolidWorks e as Decas de Kastner
Brazil SolidWorks news and topics.

SolidWorks Legion
SolidWorks related topics.

SolidWorks related topics and help.

Surf’s Up
Engineering topics.

Symmetry Solutions SolidWorks blog
SolidWorks news and other topics.

taxal | allan’s blog
SolidWorks topics.

The Hawk Ridge Systems Blog
SolidWorks topics.

Thomas Parel’s Blog 
Industry design blog.

WorldCAD Access 
CAD Industry news blog.

General Engineering

Websites for general engineering resources

American Design Drafting Association 
American Design Drafting Association (ADDA) is an organization dedicated to training and education in the field of drafting and graphic arts for mechanical, architectural, civil engineering and other technical fields.

Founded as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, now known simply as ASME.

ASSIST – Quick Search 
MIL Standards.

ASTM International 
Founded as American Society for Testing and Materials, now known simply as ASTM International.

Design standards.

Engineers Edge 
Great site for engineering research and calculators.
ISO international standards.

Material Property Data website.

Mechanical Engineering books (  
Mechanical Engineering book list.

National Society of Professional Engineers 
PEs come here.

SAE International 
Founded as Society of Automobile Engineers, now known as SAE International.

Society of Plastics Engineers 
Society that establishes plastics specifications, most commonly known for their finish standard.

Thomas Register online.

Wire Size Calculator wire (conductor) size calculator.

SolidWorks Tutorials

About SolidWorks

About SolidWorks 
SolidWorks tutorials

SolidWorks Tutorials 
SolidWorks step by step guides. 
SolidWorks online education courses.

i Get It 
SolidWorks online education.

Learn SolidWorks 
SolidWorks tips, tricks and lessons.

Tips on Designing Cost Effective Machined Parts 
Tips on Designing Cost Effective Machined Parts.

SolidWorks Tutorials for Beginners 
SolidWorks tutorials for beginners

SolidWorks online training courses

SolidWorks Resources

Models, macros, and other file resources. SolidWorks Macros 
SolidWorks macros.

Ctopher’s Home 
SolidWorks files and how-to’s.

Core 77
Industrial design and engineering.

Esox Republic Home Page 
SolidWorks macros.

Facebook | SolidWorks page
SolidWorks Facebook page.

Lenny’s SolidWorks Resources 
SolidWorks macros.

Sheet Metal Guy 
Sheetmetal tips and tricks.

SolidWorks corporate website.

SolidWorks API 
SolidWorks API programming.

SolidWorks What’s New (All) 
All SolidWorks What’s New guides.

SolidWorks Wikipedia article 
SolidWorks Wikipedia article.

SolidWorks files.

SolidWorks Inquiries

SolidWorks inquiries/searches in a variety of websites. | SolidWorks 
SolidWorks search on

Flickr | SolidWorks 
SolidWorks search on Flickr.

photobucket | SolidWorks 
SolidWorks search on Flickr.

tumblr | Tag = solidWorks 
SolidWorks search on tumblr.

Youtube | solidWorks 
SolidWorks search on Youtube.

Pinterest | SolidWorks
SolidWorks search on Pinterest.

SolidWorks Forums

SolidWorks related forums in a variety of forms.

3D CAD Forums | SolidWorks 
SolidWorks forums on 3D CAD Forums.

Eng-Tips | SolidWorks 
SolidWorks forums on Eng-tips.

Facebook | SolidWorks interest group
SolidWorks on Facebook.

Facebook | SolidWorks Corp
SolidWorks on Google+.

Google+ | SolidWorks
SolidWorks on Google+.

Linkedin | SolidWorks group
SolidWorks group on Linkedin.

MCAD Central | SolidWorks 
SolidWorks forums on MCAD Central.

mCADForums | SolidWorks 
SolidWorks forums on mCADForums.

Product Design Forums 
Product design.

Reddit | SolidWorks 
SolidWorks group on Google Groups.

SolidWorks Forums 
SolidWorks forums on SolidWorks corporate website.

SolidWorks Yahoo! Group 
SolidWorks group on Yahoo!.

SolidWorks API Group 
SolidWorks API group on Google Groups.

SolidWorks group on Google Groups.