I am a SolidWorks employee

As some already know, DS SolidWorks Corp recently hired me as the new Product Definition Specialist for drawings.  As such, I am no longer a neutral outsider in affairs related to SolidWorks Corp or any products created by Dassault Systemses.  I will no longer be posting commentary about future capabilities in SolidWorks, nor business plans of the corporation.  I will also likely scale back the types of product reviews that I conduct.  I will still contribute other types of articles to SolidWorks Legion, such as how-to’s, tips and tricks, coverage of public announcements, etc.

This website will still remain my own, and will still not be promotional in nature.   Its content is not reviewed by SolidWorks Corp.  It will not be an official channel for information from SolidWorks Corp.  No specifics about my role at SolidWorks nor any projects, nor customers will be discussed on this website.  I will still cover events, particularly those that I attend, such as user group meetings, SolidWorks World and SolidWorks Technical Summits.

That said, this website is called a Legion for a reason.  There are other contributors to SolidWorks Legion are still free to express themselves.  As always, each contributor is responsible for their own submissions.

I may post SolidWorks related communications via my new Twitter account @swsuper.  That account will likely be used for any official SolidWorks work, such as survey links.

Your comments about this news are welcome.

Author: fcsuper

As a drafter, mechanical designer and CAD engineer, I've been in the mechanical design field since 1991. For the first 8 years of my career, I was an AutoCAD professional. I utilized AutoLISP and many other AutoCAD customization features to streamline drafting activities for 6+ drafters and designers. I authored several custom functions, one of which was published in the March 1997 issue of Cadalyst Magazine. Since 1998, I've been used SolidWorks non-stop. I've worked to utilize the SolidWorks' user environment to simplify drafting and design activities for 20+ engineers. I've created this website to provide current information about SolidWorks from a variety of contributors. More recently, I am now employed by Dassault Systemes as SOLIDWORKS Sr. Product Definition Manager to improve drawing, annotation and MBD related areas.

12 thoughts on “I am a SolidWorks employee”

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  2. Congratulations! I think this is really good news! I’m sure you’ll be a very good influence in making SolidWorks productive for us users. I look forward to your input.

  3. Congrats on the Job that is good move for you!

    Since your an employee with Solidworks and your area of expertise is Drawings, then you need to get with me and my crew here at Berry Plastics. We have some major problems with Drawings and maybe you can help us out.

    Good luck in your new role!

  4. Dan, as noted, I can no longer discuss any future enhancement ideas publically, other than to accept your input about issues you may be having. I recommend filing an ER on any issues you have that function (or preferably, voting for an existing ER that already covers the topic).

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