Match up projected Break View with its parent view

Break views are common practice for some industries where long components do not fit well on standard sheet sizes at a useful scale.  SOLIDWORKS has a function to break views in the Break tool in the Drawing toolbar.  However, what if there is a projected view of that component that must also have a break?  Do the breaks in each view automatically track with each other (match up)?

Yup, but as with many abilities in SOLIDWORKS, there’s a setting.  This setting allows the user to determine if they want the projected view to always match up with the breaks in the parent view.  This choice is important, as there may be very real purpose to not have breaks in views line up.  For example, the parent and projected views may show details at different locations along the length of the component.

Unaligned break view


However, if the user wishes the parent and projected views to break at the same locations, the setting is located for the projected view in its PropertyManager>More Properties… button>Align Breaks with Parent check box.








End result in this example after a quick rebuilt (CTRL-B):

Break View UPDATE!

Newer versions of SOLIDWORKS automatically set Align breaks with parent property as checked. If you wish to have a projected view with different break alignment from its parent, you’ll have to uncheck this setting.

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