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I am trying to update my material database for all of you to use.
I have not had much time to look up material info and some special materials I’m having trouble looking them up, so I’m asking for help.
If you have a material that you would like me to add, please email me the info as needed in IPS (inch, pound, second) units. (It’s easier for me to add all of them per one unit)

The format I need is per the following example:

1. Classification – Aluminum alloys
2. Material name – Alum 2011
3. Texture – machined\brushed\cast\etc
4. Other texture/color info that is special.
Physical properties example
EX “Elastic modulus” value=70326525952.00000
NUXY “Poisson’s ratio” value=0.330000
ALPX “Thermal expansion coefficient” value=0.000023
DENS “Mass density” value=2823.349854
KX “Thermal conductivity” value=142.100006
C “Specific heat” value=962.780029
SIGXT “Tensile strength” value=379211648.00000
SIGYLD “Yield strength” value=296474560.00000

Attached is an example screen shot of what the material properties look like within SolidWorks.

SolidWorks Material example

Thank you.

Update Alert!  The new materials database is ready.  Please see this article for details and download: ctopher’s SolidWorks Material Database.

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