North Alabama SolidWorks User Group

After my great Nashville visit, I headed on down to Huntsville, AL last week.  I was able to meet with a lot of SOLIDWORKS customers and users.  I presented at the April 2015 meeting of the North Alabama SolidWorks User Group (NASWUG) about the topic of Model Based Definition (MBD), how to apply it within SOLIDWORKS.  I also demonstrated the new SOLIDWORKS MBD product which streamlines SOLIDWORKS for MBD processes and provides 3D PDF output for non-CAD consumption for the purpose of contributing to Technical Data Packages (TDP).


There was a lot of great questions by user group meeting attendees about implementation Model Based Definition, the standards that support Model Based Definition (such as MIL-STD-31000), and Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI) solutions available in SOLIDWORKS, such as DimXpert.

Matthew Lorono speaking at NASWUG

I’m glad I had the opportunity to visit Nashville and Huntsville, along with many SOLIDWORKS customers in these areas.  I learned a lot, and I also hope I provided a lot of new information to those interested in MBD and SOLIDWORKS in general.

Nashville SolidWorks User Group meeting

I made my first trip to Nashville, TN this past week!  Thank you to the Nashville SolidWorks User Group (NSWG) for hosting me.   While in town, I did have a couple hours of free time to check out the Grand Ole Opry Convention Center.

Grand Ole Opry Convention Center

I was in town visiting several SOLIDWORKS customers and meeting up with local users.  On Monday evening, I presented at the April NSWG meeting.

My presentation gave a general overview about Model Based Definition, how to apply it within SOLIDWORKS today.  My presentation also covered the new SOLIDWORKS MBD product that will streamline MBD processes within SOLIDWORKS and provide an output in the form of a 3D PDF for non-CAD consumption.  Attendees asked a lot of great questions about Model Based Definition and Geometry Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T and the industry adoption thereof).  Adoption of MBD is being driving the release of the MIL-STD-31000 standard and the desire by industry to reduce cost of product definition, revisions and design communication.