SolidWorks Legion April 2011 contest winners

Congratutations to Gary Hall (1st place winner) and Jeff Cox (2nd place winner).  3DConnexion will (or already has) shipped the SpacePilot PRO to Gary Hall and the SpaceNavigator to Jeff Cox.  I hope they enjoy their new toys!

On a side note, I’ve not been able to actively post frequent articles recently.  There is a very good reason for that.  I’ve been busy.  There will be more information about this busy-ness soon.  ???Stay tuned!  That said, article frequency should pick up in a few of months.

The Answer to “Who is using 3D Mice?”

The results are in from my previously posted polls.  I have three results from two polls about who’s using 3D mice, and how they got them.  How did I get three results from 2 polls?

Well the first result of the polls is that I really dislike the polling site  I wish wp-polls would work, but it does not right now for my blog.  Oh well.

Ok, with regards to the second poll first, the question was “If you have a 3DConnexion 3D mouse, did you…?

  • …buy it yourself (55 votes)
  • …get it through your company (49 votes)
  • …win it in a contest (14 votes)
  • …receive it as a gift from 3DConnexion (8 votes)
  • …steal it (3 votes)

So, it looks like most users either buy own 3d mouse, or their company bought it for them to use.  I am surprized at the number of people who have bought these devices for themselves.  I guess that says something about the usefulness of such devices.

Something that isn’t really a surprize, but worthy of mention is that 3 people actually admitted to stealing or otherwise obtaining one through some nefarious means.  I added this option to the poll almost as a joke, but I knew someone would come forward, so it was a legit option.  You 3 thieves!  ::shakes fist::  😉

Do you use a 3D mouse with your 3D CAD application?”  The answers to this poll are skewed.  By a wide margin, responders stated they used 3d mice. This was kinda expected since the title of the article naturally drew in such users and likely precluded many of those not interested in 3D mice.  Regardless, here are the results.

  • Yes, everytime I use 3D CAD. (75 votes)
  • No, but I want to. (26 votes)
  • I have one, but I rarely use it, if at all. (21 votes)
  • No, and I don’t want to. (17 votes)
  • Yes, often or sometimes. (12 votes)
  • No, what’s a 3D mouse? (9 votes)

I think I know what the next poll will be.  I use my SpacePilot PRO with SolidWorks (and Google Earth).  With what applications are other people using their devices?

3D Mice, who uses them?

[memedex:pollid#489615] So, I really don’t know when to stop beating a dead horse.  I’m going to talk about 3D mice again.  However, this time, I’ve created a poll to see how many people are even using them with their 3D CAD application.  The reason for this is two-fold.  First, I’m experimenting with the use of polls here at SolidWorks Legion.  Second, I’m curious to see the kind of response this poll will get.  (Note to fellow bloggers, if you have recommendations for WordPress polling plug-ins, please let me know.  For now, I’m using memedex.)

[memedex:pollid#489616] Anyway, back to the topic at hand.  This poll is open to anyone that uses 3D CAD software.  It is not limited to SolidWorks users.  Please respond to this poll.  Also, post any comments you might have about 3d mice or any other peripherals you use frequently.

Also, I have a second poll for those of us who have a 3D Connexion 3D mouse regarding how we obtained said 3D mouse.  For this poll, I’m interested in see the ratio of people who’ve purchased one (for themself or via their company) versus those who have received one through various other means.  Have fun with the polls!