3DConnexion SpacePilot PRO reviews are up…

I don’t normally post articles on holidays.  This one is just a short notice that I’ve added a synopsis of all my articles about the 3DConnexion SpacePilot PRO as a single review on epinions.com, which is a bit more detailed than my review on Amazon.com.  (The standards are a lot higher for reviews on epinions.)  The epinions review doesn’t cover every detail from my long list of articles about this product, though hopefully it covers enough.

That Kindling in my Heart

I must confess.  Up until just very recently, I considered Amazon’s Kindle to be a bit of a joke.  Think about it. Who wants to get a device whose only purpose is to read books?!  Well, I may have been wrong about this little gadget.

This is a feature packed tool that looks to be a serious attempt at moving books into the electronic realm without strapping the reader in front of a computer screen.  That said, I’ll reserve further comment about this gadget until I’ve actually tried one  Of course, this is where the first problem arises.  It’s a $400 gadget.  So the decision to buy it may be delayed by my willingness to pay that kind of price for a book reader.  However, even at that price, I am now tempted.

Why am I talking about the Kindle on a SolidWorks related blog?  Well, I recently came up with the idea (jokingly) to put the SolidWorks manual on the Kindle device in a sarcastic comment criticizing SolidWorks’ lack of printed manuals.  However, after looking into the gadget, and reading Matt Lombard’s insightful insider comments regarding this matter, I’m changing my consideration.  I seriously think it is a good idea, at least in principle.

If I do get this device, I will post a review.