Adding your ideas to SOLIDWORKS World 2015 Top Ten list is easy

SOLIDWORKS World 2015 in Phoenix, AZ is just over 100 days away.  A tradition of SOLIDWORKS World is the Top Ten list, inwhich customers submit their ideas on how SOLIDWORKS can be improved for them, and then vote for their favorites.  The top ten vote getters are announced on the mainstage at SOLIDWORKS World.  It’s easy to submit ideas.  You don’t have to be attending SOLIDWORKS World to submit or vote.  Input from all customes is welcome.  Here’s a short video.

If you have an idea, here’s somethings you can do to improve the attention your ideas gets:

  • Your idea’s title should be a complete thought.  For example, “Ability to change colors for sketch lines on-the-fly” is much better than “Change colors”.
  • Your idea’s description can be as long or as short as you need.
  • You can add images to illustrate your ideas.
  • Break out separate ideas into separate submissions, even if they are related.  For example, you may have several ideas on how to improve Weld Symbols, such as improving the interface, adding new symbols, and adding new controls.  Although those these are all regarding the same tool, they are really three different ideas, each of which deserves to be voted upon separately by everyone.
  • Quickly respond to comments posted by others on your ideas.

I also recommend commenting on other ideas you like, dislike or feel needs more clarificaiton.

Have fun with your submissions at SWW15 Top Ten List (don’t forget you’ll have to sign in to the SOLIDWORKS Forums before you can submit).  And when the polls open, vote early and vote often (on as many ideas as you wish).

Submit your ideas for SolidWorks World 2013 Top Ten List

It’s that time of year again!  Time to submit your ideas on how to enhance SolidWorks for the SolidWorks World 2013 Top Ten list!  Please sign on the SolidWorks Forums website and goto SolidWorks World 2013 and the Top Ten List.    This is a list of enhancements you would like to see in future releases of SolidWorks.  It’s under the Ideas tab.  Starting on November 7th, the list is open for idea creation only.  To add an Idea for voting, click on the Create an Idea link in the upper right menu on the Ideas tab.

Starting December 5th the list will close to idea creation and will open up for voting. You are allowed to vote for as many ideas as you like. Voting will close on January 5th and the Top Ten List will be announced at SolidWorks World 2013!

This is an easy way to tell us how you use SolidWorks and how we can improve it to meet your needs. So please start thinking of what new functionality you would like to see, post your idea, and vote on it! We look forward to seeing you in Orlando!

Vote for your ideas to improve SolidWorks

Without much fanfare, a new feature was added to the SolidWorks Forum under the SolidWorks World area.  Its called Ideas.  Heres a link (you’ll need to be logged into the forums to gain access to this area).  In this new tab, you’ll be able to create and vote on ideas on how to improve SolidWorks.  Presumably, the most popular results will be presented at SolidWorks World 2011.  So, if you have some zany ideas on how to make SolidWorks better, go to Ideas and submit your idea.  Be sure to vote for great ideas submitted to others.

As of right now, it appears that the most popular Idea tag is “Drawing” and the second most popular is “Drawings”.  I think that speaks volumes about where SolidWorks needs to be focusing their resources to improve SolidWorks.  Happy voting!