SolidWorks 2013 Rollout in Lancaster, PA

What’s in Lancaster, PA in October? One of the largest SolidWorks new release rollouts in the U.S. At a quaint resort, a large auditorium is nearly filled with SolidWorks customers eagerly watching a half day of presentations about what’s new in SolidWorks in the newest version.  They covered a multitude of topics from the What New’s document to a clever parody of Mythbusters, called Featurebusters.


The was even a bit about how to use SolidWorks to improve your golf game.

The event was hosted by DesignPoint.  Even though Lancaster, PA seems to be a far-flung place (just try to get a direct flight, or even a reasonable 1-stop flight to there), the area has a lot of enthusiasm for engineering, and SolidWorks.

My adventures didn’t end with this event.



 Need I say more?