New type of SaveAsPDF macro

SolidWorks is able to save drawings and current model views as a PDF format file.  SaveAsPDF with Folder SelectionThere’s been a lot of macros written over the years that cut the process of saving as PDF down to as few steps as possible. One of the long standing requests for this type of macro (and many similar types of macros) is to allow the user to pick the save location. Just uploaded is a macro (SaveAsPDF with Folder Selection) that does just this, and simplifies the location selection process for default folders. This new macro also uses more modern API techniques to save the file (using modelext::saveas instead of model::saveas4).

This macro does many things that previous macros haven’t.  While allowing the user to establish a default save location folder, it also provides automatic alternative choices when the default is not available.  Yet, even with all of these, the user can still override automated selection and pick a new location.  It does all of this without the use of VB6 forms.

As with other macros that do similar tasks, this will work best when assigned to a keyboard shortcut or a toolbar icon.   Also, as with all SolidWorks macros, there is a chance it will not work “out-of-the-box”.  This is normally due to the fact that SolidWorks updates core reference libraries with each release.  If errors are encountered, simply re-reference to the libraries that are available to allow the macro to function.  More information about that is available in this previous article.