SolidWorks 2010 Borders within Annotations

SolidWorks move towards quality has affected many areas in SolidWorks 2010, including annotation functionality.  One of particular note is the fact that borders around text can now be added within an annotation note!

The following example has borders added to text using only this new method.  No <> tag symbols where used:

Click to see larger view

Access to this functionality is in the same place as before, under the Border heading within the Note PropertyManager.  The only difference is that the border selection now responds to highlighted text within the affected Note.  In fact, it only responds to highlighted text now.

Because of this new functionality, some behavior has changed with making flagnotes.  As of Beta 2, notice that they will no longer directly attach to a leader unless they are round (Circle border).  Some may like this, others may not.  Another behavior that might need to be taken into consideration when using these borders is that spacing between lines may be affected, as also shown in the example.  Also, this functionality is not supported within dimension callouts.