SolidWorks World 2011 Top Ten requests

Each year, SolidWorks users vote on the changes they’d most like to see included in SolidWorks.  This year, voting was conducted in a special area on the SolidWorks forums.  For the amount of attention this list gets, it should be noted that the top vote-getter on the Top Ten List didn’t get much more than 120 total votes.  There are several important requests in this year’s list.  There are also some that leave me wondering, “what’s the big deal?”

Top Ten Freeze FeaturesTop Ten List

  1. Angle mates that don’t flip at random (Yes, we need this!)
  2. Better utilize processor cores (Yes, of course!)
  3. Option to dangle instead of deleting (A cool option that could be useful.)
  4. SolidWorks should cleanly uninstall itself (Done! …supposedly in 2012.)
  5. Freeze Features (Again, done! …supposedly in 2012.)
  6. Enhanced Equations Input & Editing & Linking (Again again, Done! …supposedly in 2012.)
  7. Convert a Solid Body into a Surface body without having to delete, offset, or knit faces (Ok, cool idea, but aren’t there more critical changes needed?)
  8. Make the ideas section (in the forum) available all year, not just for SWW (huh?)
  9. File compatibility between versions (Every year this is on the list.  Every year this is not implemented.)
  10. Pressing Escape key should immediately return control of the interface (This ESC key request again?  Yes, but let’s move on already.)

SWW09: Wednesday General Session (Part 1: Annual Top 10)

Each year at SolidWorks World, SolidWorks Corp announces the top 10 enhancement requests, as voted upon by the users.  It is claimed that there has been a 70% implementation rate for the top 10 requests over the past 8 years.  It was implied that his years list comes from the new service on called Brainstorm (though I don’t remember this being explicitly stated):

10. Excel behavior for tables.

9. Abort any running command using ESC key.

8. Add lock points.

7. Dual monitor support.

6. On-the-fly equation creation and editing.

5. Faster rebuild on complex models and drawings.

4. Rename configurations that are in use.

3. SolidWorks backward compatibility

2. Clear memory when file is closed.

1. Increase program stability.