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[This article is outdated.  The macro is no longer available.  SOLIDWORKS has enhanced view label capabilities in subsequent releases, starting in SOLIDWORKS 2014.  Please see current SOLIDWORKS Help for more information.]

If you have ever needed to add a label to a standard drawing view, you know it takes a few steps to get it to look like the section view labels.
Maybe you’ve added a note but accidently had the wrong view selected. Now when you move the view the note doesn’t move with that view. I hate that, and it takes time to fix.

Have you ever wanted to add some text to a balloon so that if you move the balloon the text moves with it? That’s done with the Group tool, but why not make it automatic?
All of the above is made easier with the revised Label Views macro.
Label Views is designed to help you quickly add formatted text to existing SolidWorks Views or replace an existing View Label (if desired), also automatically group text to existing Note Objects.
SolidWorks does not provide View Labels for Standard Projected Views. Label Views can add formatted text, to any SolidWorks View.

Label Views can replace-hide the default (mono-format) SolidWorks Section/Detail View Labels with multiple formatted text. However, the new Notes are “dumb” SolidWorks Notes and will NOT update if the Document Annotations format or the View Scale is changed after the Note is created.
Label Views can automatically group new text to existing Note Objects. This can allow you to keep the SolidWorks automatically updated Labels and add grouped text to it.

The “Model Links & Symbols” buttons provide a list of Model Links and Symbols you can choose from to add to the Note text. You can alter these lists to suit your needs by editing this open source macro.
This version is a complete rewrite of the code (all previous functionality is preserved, except saving User Preferences in the Windows Registry).
The .zip file contains LabelViews.swp for SW 2007 and LabelViews.dll with all the folders & files for SW 2010 32-bit.
Label Views (3.01) is available at