30 thoughts on “ctopher’s Material Database”

  1. It was easy to download, but I didn’t get the material I needed. I actually though Alu 6082-T6 were a common material, but obviously it isn’t

  2. Can you provide a spreadsheet with an index of what the database contains?
    I am looking for insulation papers, specifically DuPont Nomex types… 410, 411, 414, ect.

  3. Would like to get the materials database but the file says it is corrupt. Is it still available? Thanks

  4. Thank you very much!! But unfortunately i didn’t find the steel AISI 4140….do you have it? Can you give me the specs? I can’t find it anywhere….

  5. Great Chris, i hope you can help me, ’cause i haven’t found it yet, and i really need it. And if i try to add it manually, it always appears an error message.

  6. Hey Chris, did the AISI 4140 ever get added? I don’t see it in the download from the link at the top.

  7. Can someone help me get propertiez for SAN-PET
    or SAN TPE am using solidworks 2017.

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