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Macros – Part and Assembly                                             SW Customization

Macros – Drawing and Detail                                            Educational

Macros – Settings and Other                                             Engineering and Design

Utilities                                                                                       Presentations and eBooks

7 thoughts on “File Downloads”

  1. I would love it if you would add a link to my site. I offer training for new solidworks users.


  2. The Links section will be expanded when we get a chance. For now, links are hosted by my personal resources site. What is the link to your website?

  3. Hi There…

    Good solidworks resource.
    I hope there will be link or discussion for looking solidworks job ( can be full time, part time, freelance ).

    Thanks !!!

  4. Material Database Solidworks
    JIS G4404(83) SKD11 SKD-11 SDK 11, comparable to UNS T30402, ASTM A681, FED QQ-T-570, SAE J437, SAE J438

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