How to use sticks safely on PCs (USB Safety part 2)

  1. cancelthatviewDo not plug a stick in to a computer that does not have updated and active virus protection software.
  2. Do not use a stick for both home and work.  Keep these uses on separate sticks.
  3. Do not plug your stick into unknown computers.
  4. Do not plug unknown sticks into your computer.
  5. When first plugging a stick into a computer, a prompt should come up with options of how to view the items on that device.  Always choose the Cancel button.  This should prevent malware from running automatically.
  6. To access a file or start legitimate software, simply navigate to the stick using My Computer or Windows Explorer and LMB double-click on the item.
  7. If you suspect that a stick is infected, you may be able to use virus protection software to clean it.  However, I will err on the side of caution by simply destroying the stick.  Of course, this option is not as practical in the case of large external hard drives.

Author: fcsuper

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3 thoughts on “How to use sticks safely on PCs (USB Safety part 2)”

  1. Can I add? My stick safety tip:

    Don’t leave sticks in the front of computers when you transport them. I gave a SW User Group presentation in January, using my desktop computer. Upon transporting it back to my desk, the computer fell over, front first. That was the end of that stick, as it took the weight of the whole box.

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  3. I would not suggest to double click on the stick to use it. You never know that you might be executing some deadly program.

    The best and rather safest way is to go to Start > Run and then type the flash drive letter and hit OK or enter. Much better and safer option to use flash drives.

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