3Dconnexion 3D Mice now support Vectorworks 2011

It seems that I cannot have too many technical articles on SolidWorks Legion without also having straightforward product announcements in the mix.  I’ll have a couple of articles later this week that cover a topic I found to be interesting regarding glass standards by Paul Bieber.  For now, here is a product announcement from 3Dconnexion.

3Dconnexion announcements

Vectorworks3Dconnexion has announced that their full line of 3D mice now support 2D/3D AEC CAD design software.  By full line, I assume they are talking about currently supported 3D mice, such as the SpaceNavigator and SpacePilot.  Anyway, 3Dconnexion claims the following.

3D mice further enable professionals to draft any shape, on any plane, and in any view in an intuitive manner that augments the simplified and unified design experience offered in Vectorworks 2011.

When working in the true 3D modeling environment in Vectorworks 2011, 3Dconnexion 3D mice provide a level of design interaction that is unattainable with a traditional mouse and keyboard.

My own experience with 3Dconnexion

It should be noted, as a matter of disclosure, that 3Dconnexion did give me a SpacePilot PRO back in 2008.  They did so with no strings attached.  I can say whatever I want about the device (and I have).  In general, I have found the device indispensable.  It took time to become that valuable.  However, I must admit, when I find myself reaching for a 3D mice at someone else’s workstation and its not there, I know just how valuable the SpacePilot PRO is to me.

In other 3Dconnexion news

One more item for the day.  3Dconnexion has a design challenge.  The purpose of this challenge is allow users to show off their 3D skills.  This challenge is also promoting the fact that 3Dconnexion has a Facebook page.  For more information, check out their website.

3Dx Facebook Contest

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