Super Geek (republished)

This is a classic tale of super geekdom.  I originally had this story on my person blog in April of 2007, but felt it SolidWorks Legion is more appropriate.  (I don’t/won’t republish blog entries often.)  Here’s the tale.

I recently went to a users group meeting for SolidWorks. SolidWorks is a 3D modelling program that engineers use to create components on the computer to have them made in real life. The fact that I feel I have to explain this may suggest that perhaps this is a geek topic. Well, in the wrong context, this can be a bit of an embarrassment to some. ::Queue wrong context [music]:: (-:

At this meeting, for some reason they had these car large magnets that said something like “I design with SolidWorks”. Not exactly the coolest statement around. Most everyone at the meeting was like scratching their head as to why SolidWorks would make these things. But, of course, I immediately realized their value. I picked one up.

I waited for the ideal opportunity to put this magnet squarely on the passenger side door of my coworker’s 1989 Nissan Z. This opportunity came on Tuesday (a couple weeks ago [March/April 2007]). So on that Friday morning, [my co-worker] Elvis comes in to work and precedes to tell me how he has been rolling all around town the day before, only to discover to his horror this magnet on the side of his car. He even explained to me why he didn’t notice it right away (cuz he doesn’t see the passenger side of his car very often). The only reason he found it is because he happened to need to get something from the right side of his car that night (Thursday). He was telling me this first because he knew the thoughtful gift was from me.

Of course, being the good friend I am, I made sure he knew just how long it had been on his car, since that Tuesday lunch time. He was all, “Oh man! You mean I went all over town with this super geeky thing on my car? I went [to the local college] for an evening class, rolling around pimpin’ in the parking lot, laid back with my arm up on the wheel [straight armed].” Elvis takes classes at the local college in order to meet girls. So, all the while he was rolling around with confidence, he had this super geeky magnet on the side of his car, proudly displaying his inner geek for all to see.

My only regret is that I didn’t pick up more of these magnets to plaster all over the passenger side of the car to amp up the humiliation, NASCAR style.