Richard Doyle talks about CAD Managers Bootcamp at SolidWorks World 2013

A regular fixture at SolidWorks World each year is the CAD Managers Bootcamp.  This is a great presentation on how to get the most out SolidWorks from the CAD Manager’s perspective.  Richard Doyle gives a brief history of this event on his blog and discusses what to expect when you attend this year.  The bootcamp is held the day before SolidWorks World, so you’ll need to arrive a little early in order to attend.

 CAD Managers Boot Camp at SolidWorks World 2013

SWUGN reaches 200

Old SWUGN headerRichard Doyle announced today that the number of SolidWorks User Groups  in the SolidWorks User Group Network (SWUGN) has reached 200 worldwide.  His announcement may be found on the SolidWorks Community Blog in the SolidWorks Forums.  In a forward looking statement, Doyle predicts, “There are at least 2 more groups coming on line in the next few days.”

SWUGN Summit – San Jose in success

SWUGN Summit San Jose came to a close with many satisfied attendees.  In the past, San Jose area attendance to SWUGN Summits has been a bit up and down.  For whatever reason, attendance picked back up this year.  I haven’t checked to see the actual numbers yet, but I believe it is one of the best so far for this area.  Another bonus, I’m happy to report that both major VARs from this area contributed by giving some of the presentations!

Our star presenter was Gabi Jack.  Over the past week, she was stating much consternation over twitter about her impending presentation.  It turns out, she did a great job with her Surfacing presentation.  It was not obvious that this was her first live and public presentation ever since finishing college.  She’s a natural pro!

Another seasoned pro is Phil Sluder.  His SolidWorks tips and tricks session is always a crowd pleaser.  In fact, the session description simply said, “Phil’s tips and tricks…enough said.”  His presentation is good for all comers, from beginners and experienced users alike.

Elisa Moss had a heavily attended session that covered how to use derived configurations and display states for drawings.  She was also a very supportive attendee during other sessions.

Another star presenter was Alex R. Ruiz, who just recently released his new book, SolidWorks 2010: No Experience Required.  His session was partially based on the new book, which earned some well deserved attention.  I’ll be reviewing the book on SolidWorks Legion soon.

My own presentation was about advanced SolidWorks customization techniques.  Although labelled “advanced”, I did cover some easy topics as well to give something for all levels of experience.  My presentation went pretty well, except for a couple of times where SolidWorks did not momentarily cooperate.  Part of the challenge of presenting is working through the surprizes when they come up.  I was glad that the audience participated frequently and showed a lot of interest in the topics that were covered.

As usual, I’m going to have to thank Richard Doyle for putting on yet another great summit!

In other related news, Arthur Kwun of KLA Tencor earned his free CSWP test by uttering the words “SolidWorks Legion is awesome, dude!”  He did this during the lunch hour, so I wasn’t quite expecting it.  It took me a minute to realize he said the winning phrase.  Anyway, congrats!!

Richard Doyle is looking for first-timers

Ok, Richard Doyle, leader of the SoilidWorks online community, didn’t say he was “looking” for folks who will be attending their first SolidWorks World in Jan 2010.  He does have a message for first-timers, including useful advice and links.  However, I’m sure he would appreciate comments from people who are planning on attending their first SolidWorks World.  As for Richard, he has attended every one.

Year of Richard Doyle

This is truly Richard Doyle’s year in the CAD community.  He was honored by his peers and associates at SolidWorks World 2009.  Now, CAD Society announces Richard Doyle is the winner of the 2009 CAD Society Joe Greco Community Award for his achievements in building the SolidWorks community throughout this decade.  Given his tremendous and tireless dedication, these types of accolades are long over due.  Please see Matthew West’s comments and announcement.