New head at SolidWorks Corp

Bertrand SicotToday, Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp accounced that executive vice president of sales, Bertrand Sicot, is now the new CEO.  Former CEO, Jeff Ray, was promoted into a leadership role at Dassault Systèmes based in Vélizy, France.  Sicot started his career at DS SolidWorks in 1997 as the regional sales manager for Western Europe and Scandinavia. SolidWorks Corp stated that ” Sicot has consistently improved worldwide distribution performance, revenue, profit, and global market share.”

Ray is moving to DS corporate HQ in France as Executive Vice President of Geographic Operations and “will oversee the company’s 12 geographies to enable local DS teams to better address the specific local challenges facing customers and partners.”

Sicot brings his own brand of excitement and interest.  In his first public message as CEO, he declares, “one of the first things I ever designed and built at the age of 13—a remote-control boat with full wood hull and electric drive—still works.”  He also talks about the excitement he has for “technology [SolidWorks is] building with our next-generation platform” and for the SolidWorks company and its customers.

Both Sicot and Ray will attend at SolidWorks World 2011.