Workaround to edit Macros that are locked on network drive

Question:  I have macros on a network drive and need to edit them.  Unfortunately, someone has them locked (open).  How do I unlock them without going to that computer to manually unload the macros?

Answer: There is a live workaround.  While you cannot edit the files while locked, you can change their folder name! This allows for a sneaky little trick that doesn’t require going to the offending computer.

Simply rename the folder on the network drive where the macros are located. Then copy that folder (files and all) to the same drive. Rename the new folder to be the same name as before the original folder was renamed.

The macros in the old folder with the changed name will still be locked out, but the macros in the new folder with the original name will be free to edit!

In a day or so, the files in the old folder will be unlocked again.  Simply delete the old folder at that time.

Addendum: It should be noted that this method will not always work.  However, it is worth a try before taking any other action.

Macro to add Revisions to Drawing Revision block table

A while ago, I created a SolidWorks macro that allows the user to quickly add new revisions to a drawing’s revision block table. It’s called RevBlockControl. I’m fairly proud of this macro because of its flexibility and easy of use. Within SolidWorks, it can be used for any ASME Y14.35M-1997 compliant revision block table and even supports not so compliant layouts. One cool feature is that it supports revision block tables that start either from the top or bottom of a drawing. The macro even provides an option to update a revision custom property (though the name of the custom property is stored in the code). This one function, of course, is not as useful for those who update their custom properties within the part model. Another requested feature that was included is the addition of buttons to insert some common special characters like line feed and the +/- symbol.

RevBlockControl 1.01

Image of an early version of the RevBlockControl

This macro will not work with manually drawn or excel based revision blocks. It only works with a SolidWorks revision block table.  One area of the macro needing improvement is that of settings. Currently, the settings are stored within the code itself, or user selected each time the macro is run. Also, it does not validate if the current revision block table matches the user selected settings. However, it does have clear instructions within a detailed help area that will allow even a novice user to quickly modify the code to establish their settings preferences. There is currently only one known bug involving the form X button. Use the actual Cancel button if quitting the macro without making changes to the revision block table.

One big plus of the macro is that it has a simple preview area that allows the user to visualize how their revision entry will appear. The preview updates to match whatever settings are selected, and any data entered into the input fields.

The macro may be downloaded here: RevBlockControl.  It may be freely distributed. For additional details, see its .txt file and its help area.  Feedback is always welcome.