SpacePilot PRO (overreaching? a short Part II)

I recently wrote a review questioning the fact that the SpacePilot PRO is a control device with an LCD screen.  As noted by my fellow blogger Jeff Mirisola of Jeff’s Tool Shed, 3D Connexion recently updated their drivers and software for the SpacePilot PRO.  This update fixed a few bugs in the software related to … Continue reading “SpacePilot PRO (overreaching? a short Part II)”

SpacePilot PRO (overreaching?)

There’s a Simpsons‘ episode where Homer discovers he has a successful half-brother named Herb Powell.  Herb runs a car company.  Herb is convinced that Homer represents the average American and is therefore the perfect person to design a new car for his company.  Herb introduces Homer to his company’s design team.  The design team ignore Home and instead use their experience to … Continue reading “SpacePilot PRO (overreaching?)”

SpacePilot PRO (My experience so far)

I’ve seen someone say that either you hate 3DConnexion 3D mice or you love ’em. Now that I’ve been using the SpacePilot PRO for a little while, I can honestly say I don’t see that. Personally, I like my device, but I could live without it. Since I only have one, I kinda do have … Continue reading “SpacePilot PRO (My experience so far)”

Strong response to DraftSight for Linux

Dassault Systemes dives head first into uncharted waters with its beta release of a no-cost Linux based 2D CAD application called DraftSight for Linux, announced earlier this month.  Though DraftSight for Linux is not open source, it is free to download and use, and the community of users will direct its development via 3D SwYm.  … Continue reading “Strong response to DraftSight for Linux”

SpacePilot PRO (Smudge Factor 10)

The SpacePilot PRO is a clean looking device right out of the box, with its swoopy shape and classy mix of matte black, patent black and dark grey colors. It even feels comfortable when I rest my palm on it and place my fingers around its control knob. Size and placement SpacePilot PRO is larger … Continue reading “SpacePilot PRO (Smudge Factor 10)”