SolidWorks World 2008 Day 2 (Jan 22) Block Party!

Go-Go Dancer at the Concert

After three whole days of almost nonstop geekdom business, it was time to let loose, all on SolidWorks Corporation’s tab.  This was the SolidWorks World 2008 Block Party!  For this event, a few blocks of the Gaslamp Quarter was shut down just for the attendees of the conference.  Most of the bars and restaurants served free tap beer all night.  There was plenty of pretty finger food that was OK.  The live band was a nice touch, but didn’t really do it for me; too many not-so-good covers of 70’s rock classics that I don’t much care about anyway.  Then there was the two lone Go-Go dancers that were kind enough to spend as much time taking pictures with all the guys as they did dancing.  They musta been good sports about the whole thing.  

Chris MacCormick and I meet up at this one place with a small out-door patio.  He then took me around to meet everyone, including fellow bloggers, reps, and SolidWorks Partners.  This was my first time at SWW8.  Here’s a snippet of a slide-show.  I’m sure some will recognize themselves! 🙂

The night did end a little early at 10pm.  I guess that is to be expected for an hosted event on public streets.  As far as I can tell, we all had a blast.