Copying sheets from one drawing to another

It’s been well over a year since I’ve done a raw tips and tricks posting.  That’s a year too long.  So, here’s a quickie!

In SOLIDWORKS drawings, you can copy a drawing sheet from one open drawing to another open drawing via the right-click menu in the Drawing Tree.

  1. Open the copy-from and copy-to drawings.  Make the copy-from drawing active.
  2. 6-5-2014 12-38-07 PMIn the Drawing Tree, right-click on the drawing sheet you wish to copy.  The right-click menu pops up.
  3. Choose Copy from the menu.
  4. Activate the copy-to drawing.
  5. Right-click on the drawing sheet that is near the position where you wish to add your copied sheet.  The right-click menu pops up.
  6. Choose Paste from the menu.
  7. A dialog will pop up asking if you wish to insert the new drawing sheet below or above the selected sheet, or if you wish to add it to the end.  Make your selection and choose OK.  The copied sheet will appear at the specified position in the Drawing Tree of your copy-to drawing.