Pointy arrows without the ears (a.k.a, text)?

Every once in awhile in drafting, you just need an arrow, with no text, attachments or any other extras.  Maybe you need to specify air flow, grain direction, inspection queue, assembly instructions, or one of a hundred other reasons.  How do you make just an arrow in SolidWorks?  Answer: Multi-jog Leader annotation tool.

Mutli-jog Leader is an oft overlooked tool that pretty much lets you make whatever arrow configuration you like using the same leader style of notes. 

To make a simple leader with no text, start the Multi-jog Leader and select your first point.  One arrow will point to the location where you clicked.  The other end of the leader will follow the mouse cursor.  Choose a second location and double-click to complete your leader.  This will add another arrow directly opposite your first arrow.

Get rid of one of the arrows by RMB clicking on the tip of the undesired arrow and choosing the arrowless option.


Here’s what you end up with. 

You can adjust the other end to be bigger (by RMB clicking on it and selecting Size…). In the case of the example below, I’m using the arrow to represent fluid direction of a flow body.