June SW Legion Contest: Create an Ellipsoid model

The June SW Legion Contest is a different kind of challenge!  The task is to submit the simplest SolidWorks model of an ellipsoid possible.  The person with the least combined number of features and sketches wins.  Use of equations is highly encouraged. 

The submitter must be the author of the file they submit. 

Contestants may email their entry to me at my email address by the end of July 6, 2009 PDT.


The prize is one CSWP test of your choice (CSWA, CSWP, CSWP Sheetmetal, CSWSP FEA, etc).   

Past winners of the Legion Contest are eligible.  In the event of a tie, tie breaker will be in the form of email roshambo.

Best of luck to everyone!

Author: fcsuper

As a drafter, mechanical designer and CAD engineer, I've been in the mechanical design field since 1991. For the first 8 years of my career, I was an AutoCAD professional. I utilized AutoLISP and many other AutoCAD customization features to streamline drafting activities for 6+ drafters and designers. I authored several custom functions, one of which was published in the March 1997 issue of Cadalyst Magazine. Since 1998, I've been used SolidWorks non-stop. I've worked to utilize the SolidWorks' user environment to simplify drafting and design activities for 20+ engineers. I've created this website to provide current information about SolidWorks from a variety of contributors. More recently, I am now employed by Dassault Systemes as SOLIDWORKS Sr. Product Definition Manager to improve drawing, annotation and MBD related areas.

9 thoughts on “June SW Legion Contest: Create an Ellipsoid model”

  1. And, to answer one question from one individual, yes, saving your submission into a dumb model is cheating. 🙂 I knew I’d run into trouble with under specification on this contest (and already have I think; as I should’ve said I was looking for “scalene ellipsoids”). But, what’s done is done. Contest stands as it is. I’m not adding more rules now. Everyone, have fun sending me what you got!

  2. I noticed that you weren’t that specific too…I figured you would probably get a few more like my entry! 😉

  3. My part may have a slightly longer feature tree than a non-scalene ellipsoid, but it does follow the spirit of the contest. Technically, a sphere is an ellipsoid, but it’s not exactly a brain teaser making a single revolve.

  4. Mahir,

    Yup, I was lazy in my description. I also left off that I wanted all sketches to be fully defined. But no worries. All entries are being evaluated based on my original rules, though I may give away a bonus CSWP test to the entry that best matches the intent of the contest.

  5. Fully defined scalene ellipsoid submitted. I even managed to throw some equations in there. Probably not the ones you were looking for but it scales nicely. 🙂

  6. Submitted mine. No equations needed. Not sure the geometry is right but I cant imagine why not.

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