Year of the Angle Dimension (Part 4): Symmetricality

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series SOLIDWORKS 2015 - Year of the Angle Dimension

Previous releases of SOLIDWORKS introduced linear dimensions in sketches that can be applied symmetrically when created across a centerline.   Further enhancements saw smarter behavior, where the selected centerline is remembered for multiple dimensions created in sequence.  For SOLIDWORKS 2015, you can create multiple half and full symmetric angular dimensions without selecting the centerline each time.

Angle with centerlineTo create a symmetrical angle dimension

  1. In a sketch with a centerline and lines or points, click Smart Dimension at Tools>Dimensions>Smart.
  2. Select the centerline and another line which is at an angle to that centerline.
  3. To create a half angle dimension, move the mouse cursor to the desired location and click to place, as previously.  However, to create a full angle dimension (across the centerline), hold down the SHIFT key.
  4. Drag the mouse cursor (along with the previewed dimension) to the opposite side of the centerline.  As you do so, a preview of the angle dimension will appear symmetrically about the centerline.
  5. Click to place dimension as desired.
  6. Keep holding down the SHIFT key and select other lines at angles to the centerline.  Angle dimensions to the centerline will automatically generate and will allow you make more symmetric angle dimensions successively.

Author: fcsuper

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