Ctopher’s Material Database – Update

The new ctopher’s Material Database is here! The long anticipated new update of my material database.

The new database version 070508 has been updated with more materials.

Because of conflicts with some of the materials between SolidWorks 2008 and older versions, we created two versions. One version is for 2007 and older and the other is for 2008 and newer. Both are included in the same file.

Also added is a text file with instructions.

Thank you to Matt and others for your help and contributions.

Chris (ctopher)

Download page: ctopher’s Material Database


Author: ctopher

Home town: Cypress, California, USA Married since Jan '87, 3 kids (teens)

26 thoughts on “Ctopher’s Material Database – Update”

  1. Materials database is great! Thanks! I am new to solidworks and would like to know if the database can be exported to a spreadsheet for editing?

  2. I love the new database, but would like to see some entries for wood and engineered wood products. Any way to edit the database externally to quickly add these types of material?

    Thanks for all the great work.

  3. Why Chris does your material list not include common steel

    AISI 1018, 1020, 1045, 4140, ECT

  4. Chris.
    Thanks for the database; saved me the trouble of digging up the info myself. And, unlike some others, I appreciate you sharing (for free) your hard work with everyone….

    (Hey Brian, maybe Chris doesnt use common steels in his work and that is why he didnt include them)

  5. I can not download materials files can you help? Also does it have dia. tread?Not solidworks versoin of it, its not right.

  6. Gravel may be difficult because of the mix of materials. I need to update the database, but I have been very busy. I hope to update it this year.

  7. I believe your young’s modulus for sapphire is wrong. I’m not sure, but I think so. Maybe I converted the units incorrectly.

  8. Thanks David.
    I had this material from a fellow materials engineer when designing acceleroemeters.
    I will have to look at it again when I have more time.

  9. Hey there thank tyou for sharing your materials i don’t quite get how i can import them into solidworks.i’m working 2010!! please help


  10. I have followed instruction for copying the file into Solidworks Materials but a window always pops up saying “Access Denied.” How can I fix this?

  11. You may not have read/write rights to the folder where you are downloading it to. You may download into “My Documents” then add the path to it under “Tools/Options/File Locations” within SolidWorks.

  12. I have been slowly working on wood mtls, but slow to implementing into a database.
    I will try to spend more time on it this year. Thank you.

  13. This is great.
    Can you tell us what program you use to make new materials?
    I would like to see UHMW and PVDF under plastics.
    Are you working on any new updates for 2013?

  14. Hello Rick. Thank you. I use Notepad and change the text. I have SW 2013, but I have not used it yet. I have not looked to see the differences in materials between my database and the default database. If you have any materials you want added, and have any material data, please forward to me and I will add them. Thank you!

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