SolidWorks Legion April 2010 Contest Winners

The SolidWorks Legion April 2010 contest is over.  I wish to thank everyone for their participation.  There were a lot of comments made by many individuals.

First Place

With the most entries, it was no surprize that Deepak Gupta would win something.  In fact, it wasn’t much of a surprize that he won first place, the CSWP test voucher.

Second Place

Also not much of a surprize is that Joe Hasik would win something too!  Well, he won second place, the book “signed” by Sir Richard Branson.

Third Place

The third place winner is Donal Waide. I wish for Donal to have many cold drinks in the summer and hot beverages in the winter!

Congratulations to all the winners!

April Contest prize requested photos

There was a recent request to add photos of the prizes for the SolidWorks Legion April 2010 contest.  I guess this will makes the prizes more tangible.  (All it takes to enter this contest is to leave comments on SolidWorks Legion articles that are published during April 2010 and any SolidWorks Legion articles linked via twitter by my fcsuper account.)

Prize Photos

First prize: There is no photo available for a CSWP test voucher, since its just a code that allows you to take the test.  However, if the winner passes the test, they will be able to use their CSWP badge.


Second prize:  I don’t have a photo of Sir Richard Branson’s book, but a press release photo should be fine to represent this prize.  This copy is a new and unread book that has some sort of official replicated Sir Richard Branson signature.  (I have my own “signed” copy, which is not so new.)


Third prize:  Due to the rarity of the SolidWorks labelled insulated hot/cold mug, I could’ve made it a first prize in a different contest.  These mugs are tough.  I love my own personal mug.  It literally keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks warm for hours.  (All bets are off if you try to mix cold and hot drinks together).  This prize is for the new/never-used mug in this photo.


(Remember, even articles about the contest qualify comments for the contest during the month of April 2010.)

April Content for SolidWorks Legion

SolidWorks Legion has a contest going on for the month of April 2010.  The basic idea is to simple.  To enter the contest, leave comments for any new articles on SolidWorks Legion, and any SolidWorks Legion articles that I link via Twitter with my fcsuper account for the month of April 2010.  For full rules, see the announcement article.  Available to win is a CSWP test voucher, “signed” book by Sir Richard Branson, and a insulated SolidWorks mug.  Have fun!

SWW09: Monday, final thoughts

The experience of coming to SolidWorks World 2009 as a member of the press is certainly unique to me.  Beyond access to the Press Room, the pass pretty much allows me any opportunities while here.  The way I look at it is this, my experiences are meant to be shared with everyone.  That is to say, they are your experiences, not mine.  When I first accepted the offer to join the Press Pool at SWW09, my focus was writing for those individuals who were not able to come to this grand event.  However, I now realize that I’m also writing for everyone, including attendees (and even fellow bloggers).  My experience is really unique.  It is something that even other attendees may not even image.  How many regular Joes can say they were in a press conference with the likes of Sir Richard Branson, or joined others to sit down with Jon Hirschtick for a quick lesson in the Blackjack, or went to a Press Event, or attended the CSWP Event, or watched Richard Doyle be honored by his peers and Jeff Ray himself, or sat down with vendors for sneakpeaks of products still in development?  And this with in a 36 hour period?  So, I am here for everyone else, to expound upon my unique experience, to give a more complete picture about SWW09.  This gift granted to me from SolidWorks Corp is really a gift granted to all SolidWorks users.

Day 3 of SolidWorks World 2009 starts now.

SWW09: Morning rush

The morning rush was on, and excitement was in the air.  The crowds gathered outside of the hall.


As the anticipation builds, an alarm sounds to announce the opening of the hall. I had to join the stampede. The question on many people’s minds is if Sir Richard Branson would be speaking today.  Of course, some of the insiders knew that Sir Branson flew in last night.