Ctopher Custom Material Database

Author: Chris Saller, et al. Author’s website: ctophers home Ctopher’s Custom Materials Database allows you to add many materials to SOLIDWORKS which are not currently included as part of the default installation.  Materials range from ceramics, metal alloys, plastics, crystals, and even magnets.  Current version was created using SOLIDWORKS 2016. This database is provided for more »

Save Assy As Part

Author: Deepak Gupta Source: Boxer’s SolidWorks Blog Macro to save assembly to save as part (exterior faces), updated for current SolidWorks versions (2013 and up). Precondition: Any active assembly with minimum one part. Postcondition: Assembly is saved as part. Save_Assy_As_Part.zip

Presentation: Making Custom Symbols in SolidWorks

Author:  Matthew Lorono Source: SolidWorks Legion Learn how to make custom symbols for SolidWorks annotations and dimensions.   This presentation covers the basics on categories, symbol tags, structure of the GTOL.SYM file, and building symbols using rectangular coordinates.   The example in this presentation is the Third Angle Projection symbol. Download Making Custom Symbols in SolidWorks.pptx more »

Line Styles: Line-Points

Author: Matthew Lorono Source: SolidWorks Legion Three line styles for SolidWorks that consist of a long solid line and 1,2 or 3 points.  To use this file (after downloading and unzipping): 1.Open a document in SolidWorks, such as a drawing template. 2.Goto Tools pulldown>Options…>Document Properties>Line Style.  This brings up the Load Line Sytle(s) dialog. 3.Click more »