Resource: Guide to submitting Enhancment Requests for SolidWorks

I wrote up an article on the SolidWorks Blog a couple weeks ago.  It can be used as a resource to guide users to the area where they can submit their requests to improve SolidWorks.  The article is called Need SolidWorks to do more?  The article covers how to submit bugs and enhancement reqeusts.

Briefly, users should submit bugs to VAR.  A VAR can quickly determine if the bug is known or unknown and how best to address it.

Requests for new functionatality in SolidWorks (known as Enhancement Requests) may be submitted through the Customer Portal on the SolidWorks website.  However, always check to see if someone already has submitted a similar request, so you can vote for theirs instead.

If your request is for new functionality in SolidWorks, the first place to search is the Knowledge Base in the Customer Portal.  The Knowledge Base has quick how-to instructions.  It also has a list of outstanding enhancement requests from other customers.

Anyway, I invite you to check out the article.  It thoroughly covers the submission process.


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