New Product: 3DVIA Mobile HD

Dassault Systemes announced the release of 3DVIA Mobile HD, which they claim is “a first-of-its-kind interactive 3D model viewer for the iPad.”  Connectivity (cloud?) continues to be a theme from Dassault Systemes.  3DVIA Mobile HD gives users access to view and interact with thousands of 3D models which are hosted on the content warehouse.  Most 3D modelling software applications are able to connect to to share work on the iPad platform, including content in over 30 3D formats.

3DVIA Mobile HD 13DVIA Mobile HD 7

Also, Dassault Systemes claims that “3DVIA Mobile HD retains the speed, fluid movement and easy-to-navigate interface of the [original 3DVIA Mobile] iPhone app [while taking] advantage of the increased screen size and resolution of the iPad, making this a powerful 3D content demonstration tool.”

3DVIA Mobile HD will feature the following:

  • Interactive 3D viewer: pan, zoom and inspect models with intuitive iPad finger movements
  • Integrated 3DVIA 3D model search: search, download and view over 20,000 3D models published to
  • Compatible with popular 3D formats: .dae (COLLADA), .3ds, .obj, .iges, .step, .kmz, .3DXML and many more
  • Save and export 2D renders (images) to Facebook and e-mail
  • Private publishing on 3D models:  restrict access to sensitive product information by publishing to your private account
  • Interact with the community: comment on and rate 3D models from the iPad

3DVIA Modile HD for the iPad is available for the temporary price of $1.99 in the App Store; full price will be $4.99.

Connecting to other in 3DVIA Mobile HDSending model to Facebook from 3DVIA Mobile HD

As of right now, there is no word yet on if/when a similar application will be available for Android.  I would be excited about an Android offering since it wouldn’t be limited to just one device and Android is the best selling smartphone OS now.