3DVIA goes 3D

Last week, Dassault Systemes announced that the free download of the new 3DVIA Studio development environment now includes drag and drop stereoscopic 3D.  They state that this allows any user of the 3DVIA Studio to quickly create a “3D experience”, not only for 3D monitors and TVs, but also for non-stereoscopic screens using the traditional more »

New Product: 3DVIA Mobile HD

Dassault Systemes announced the release of 3DVIA Mobile HD, which they claim is “a first-of-its-kind interactive 3D model viewer for the iPad.”  Connectivity (cloud?) continues to be a theme from Dassault Systemes.  3DVIA Mobile HD gives users access to view and interact with thousands of 3D models which are hosted on the 3DVIA.com content warehouse.  more »