Drawings and Detailing are getting a lot of attention this year @ SolidWorks World 2014

Drawings and Detailing are getting a lot of attention this year at SolidWorks World 2014 in breakout  and hands-on sessions.  There are enough sessions here to fill the schedule of anyone interested in modern drafting and SolidWorks capabilities.  Check it out!

SolidWorks Templates 101: Parts, Assemblies and Drawings by Eric Bright – Learn to manage metadata in regards to parts, assemblies, and drawings.  Template creation is made simple if you follow several rules and steps along the process. Once created, documentation and file creation is made simple.

Working with Drawing Views in SolidWorks 2014 by Matthew Lorono – This hands-on session will cover each type of drawing view available in SOLIDWORKS, including often overlooked functionality and new capabilities introduced in recent years, such as enhancements to Section View and Auxiliary Views.

Let Customized Templates Work For You! Use Custom Properties! by Crystal Yazvac – Learn to create your own custom templates for parts, assemblies, and drawings. This presentation will teach you how to save out templates and add custom properties that will automatically fill in your Sheet Formats and BOMs for every file you make, including Toolbox parts.

The Big GD&T Theory by Thomas Allsup – A humorous look at various GD&T concepts used by SolidWorks designers to refine their geometric requirements.

Advanced DraftSight Hands-on Lesson by Mark Lyons – This hands-on session will focus on advanced DraftSight functionality. As a participant, you should have some basic knowledge of DraftSight prior to the session. After the session, you will have an in-depth understanding of DraftSight and the benefits it can bring to your organization.

Introduction to Model-based Definition in the Context of SolidWorks by Matthew Lorono – Get introduced to model-based definition methods and types of implementations in the context of SOLIDWORKS functionality, including new 20The United States Government Loves Model-based Definition.

What’s New in SolidWorks Drawings in Recent Years by Nikhil Kulkarni – This presentation focuses on showing recent tools/enhancements added to SolidWorks in the area of drawings and DXF/DWG.

The United States Government Loves Model-based Definition by Rich Eckenrode – This presentation is on the NIST project, PMI conformance testing models. He will describe the use of SOLIDWORKS in this PMI validation project. He will also touch on SolidWorks ability to compete in the space MBD and review some of the interesting facts with regard to using MBD in SolidWorks.

Drawing Templates: How and Why! by Jeremiah Griffith – Learn  how to create functional and automated drawing templates to reduce redundant information entry. Make SOLIDWORKS work for you, and ease your life by using the tools provided!

First Article Reports and Inspection Documentation with SolidWorks by Mathieu Fourcade – Experience how easy it can be to create inspection documentation for first article or quality assurance purposes using SolidWorks. Dramatically reduce the time required to create inspection documentation and eliminate errors inherent to the manual “ballooning” of engineering drawings as well as in the creation of inspection reports.

3D MBD (Model-based Design) and MBE (Model-based Enterprise) State of the Union by Christopher Garcia and Paul Perreault – Learn how Anark has been helping the DoD and several manufacturing companies for over four years to lead the way into a 3D model-based enterprise. The initiative eliminates the need for 2D drawings in favor of 3D PDF and 3D HTML technical data packages. This session will review this progress.

Making Custom Symbols by Nikhil Kulkarni – See  how to make custom symbols in SolidWorks.


ADDA hosts 53rd Technical & Educational Training Conference

American Design Drafting Association is hosting the 53rd annual Technical & Education Training Conference on March 27-30, 2012 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The theme this year is “Training with Evolving Technologies”.

The conference is a 4 day event focused around building drafting and design skills.  There is heavy focus on drawing standards by ASME, in particular GD&T and ASME Y14.5-2009.  CAD technologies are also well covered.

Though this is not one of the larger trade conferences, its tight focus on design and drafting puts it at the top for training in the area of ASME standards, in my opinion.  This will benefit individuals who need more in-depth skills related to GD&T and drafting (even when paper drawings aren’t used).  The two day workshops on GD&T are particularly valuable.

Due to scheduling conflicts, I won’t personally won’t be able to attend this year, but I do hope to get a chance to go again within the next couple of years.

The early bird special for people who register by March 5, 2012 is $100 off the attendance fee.  More information may be found at their registration form page.

**UPDATE** 2/2/2012

Description of workshops for this conference are now available.