Slideshow of SOLIDWORKS World 2014 (looking back)

Here’s my looking-back slide show of SOLIDWORKS World 2014 in San Diego, CA.


I’m now looking forward to SOLIDWORKS World 2015 in Phoenix, AZ!


A look around the blogsphere

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DimXpert at SolidWorks World 2014

DimXpert presentations seemed to get a lot of interest at SolidWorks World 2014.  Both sessions I attended had full rooms.

DimXpert Break-out
DimXpert Break-out Session
DimXpert Hands-on Session
DimXpert Hands-on Session

All The Uses of DimXpert, a Monday morning session by Josh Spencer of  3DVision Technologies was over flowing with interested attendees.  Josh went into detail about what to use DimXpert for and how to use it.  He described how to leverage DimXpert in TolAnalyst and SolidWorks Drawings.

Introduction to DimXpert and Tolanalyst, a Monday afternoon session by Brian McElyea of Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation was also a full session, not just with hands-on attendees, but also observers from the session’s wait list.  Brian walked attendees through hands-on usage of DimXpert and TolAnalyst with a castor assembly.

DimXpert was also featured in several Model Based Definition break-out sessions, including my own presentation on Wednesday called Model Based Definition in the Context of SolidWorks, where I went into detail about the various methods used to employ Model Based Definition and how to set up and use SolidWorks for best results.

I am interested to see how others are interested in DimXpert.  Was the interest shown at SolidWorks World 2014 a fluke or indicative of general interest within Industry?

SolidWorks World 2014: Day 4 – Wednesday General Session – Product Definition

General Session

The General Session for Wednesday was as entertaining as ever.  Most the details from Wednesday General Session have already been well covered by other blogs and online outlets.  I’m going to focus on Bruce Holway’s presentation instead.  It is important to me because he’s describing the his group (Product Definition of which I am apart) and past years SolidWorks World Top Ten enhancements list.  He states that the vast majority of past year’s Top Ten have been implemented.  He covers many of recent examples.

  • Default to Concentric Mate when two selected faces are cylindrical
  • Default to Parallel Mate when two selected faces have other geometry that prevent coincident mating
  • Lock Option for Concentric Mates so that additional mates are not required to stop rotation of a cylindrical part
  • Slot Mate
  • Center of Mass reference geometry
  • Fix Edge Bleed Thru display, where thin walled features sometimes displayed fragments of obscured features
  • Don’t Delete Child Features, Dangle them Instead when deleting a parent feature
  • eDrawings for Android

Also mentioned is the fact that we visit hundreds of customers each year at their sites to understand how they are using SolidWorks.  This is extremely valuable in determining how we plan to improve our product offerings by giving us first hand experiences from our customers.

This year’s SolidWorks World Top Ten list:

  1. Auto-hide components
  2. Draw a line segment starting from the mid-point
  3. Equal spacing option for linear patterns
  4. Ability to rename a part or sub-assembly in the feature tree
  5. Unlimited undo/redo
  6. Pressing the ESC key should immediately stop the current calculation and return control to the user
  7. Fillets and chamfers should be managed by the same feature
  8. Ability to flip angle dimensions after they have been placed
  9. Hole callout should include all instances on the same face
  10. New Purge command

SolidWorks World 2014 Day 3 – Tuesday

User Community and Beta Highlights from General Session
Tuesday General Sessions tends to focus on the user community. Richard Doyle has become a fixture on the big stage as he gives us the SolidWorks User Group Network updates. This year he announced the following awards.

  • 2013 User Group of the Year is San Diego SolidWorks User Group, awarded to leaders Phil Sluder and Jim Boland
  • 2013 Wayne Tiffany Group Leader of the Year is awarded to Jeff Holliday
  • 2013 Michelle Pillers Community Award is awarded to Deepak Gupta

The SolidWorks Beta program for SolidWorks 2014 is the most successful yet. Here are this year’s winners for the program


  • Bettina Walker, SolidWorks
  • Yoshihiro Dobashi, Simulation
  • Masanobu Higashino, EPDM
  • Muneki Okano, Composer


  • Michael Malov of SolidWorks Russia, SolidWorks
  • Charley Saint of Hawkridge Systems, EPDM
  • Andrey Aliamovsky of SolidWorks Russia, Simulation
  • Ludmila Staroverova of SolidWorks Russia and Scott Woods of Hawkridge Systems, Composer

My Hands-on Presentation
I conducted my first Hands-on Session of this year’s conference on Tuesday evening, covering the topic of drawing views. This is a new presentation at SolidWorks World. Though the presentation is intended for beginners and novice users, by going through all of the view types, even experienced users learned something they have forgotten or missed before.  Several attendees showed (by a raise of heads) they learned something new from several of the exercises throughout the presentation.  I may expand the presentation to cover additional topics, such as the new Replace Model in SolidWorks 2014.