And the May Contest winner is…

The winner of the May Contest is Deepak Gupta! The contest was to see who could list the highest number of SolidWorks related forums not currently listed at Lorono’s SolidWorks Resources.  The contest itself generated over 70 comments, with about 65 or so submissions.  I am personally amazed by the total number of submissions. 

For his efforts, Deepak wins a CSWSP-FEA test.  From the SolidWorks website,

“The Certified SolidWorks Professional Simulation Specialist exam is designed to test an individual’s complete understanding of Simulation tools inside SolidWorks. Candidates who successfully pass this certification exam have demonstrated the ability to set up, run, and examine the results of various types of Simulation scenarios. They also have demonstrated the ability to interpret the various results available to them in SolidWorks Simulation.”

Best of luck to you, Deepak.  I’ll send you the info for taking your test by the end of the week.  I hope you pass with flying colors! 

Honorable mention goes to Frank Dijkstra.

The June Contest will be announced next week. Best of luck to everyone!

May Contest becomes a battle

May Contest has grown into a bit of a battle between Deepak Gupta and Frank Dijkstra. I must say the response is a bit more than I expected.  There are certainly a lot of SolidWorks related online forums.  The winner is a long way from being determined.  Even with all of their combined contributions (many of which has surprized me), I can comfortably say there are forums they haven’t found yet.  Who will come out on top?  Sitting on the sidelines is Matt West who has shown interest in submitting many of his own links.  I have to wonder if the uniqueness his list has been diminished as a result of Deepak’s and Frank’s efforts.  I guess we’ll soon see.