James Cameron in da house in the Tuesday General Session of SolidWorks World 2010

James Cameron was the keynote speaker of SolidWorks World 2010.  The format of his presentation was in a sit down interview with John Hirschtick, founder of SolidWorks.  Cameron is a fascinating presenter who covered a surprizing number of 3D CAD relevent topics.  Though not mentioned in the movie Avatar, Cameron stated that the idea behind the human equipment on the more »

And the June SW Legion Contest winner is… (Part 2)

There are two winners for the June SW Legion Contest.  The official winner (Sandeep Pawar) and the unofficial winner (per the unstated and unofficial though originally intended rules) is Arash Erfanian.   Three individuals produced verifiable scalene ellipsoids with only three elements.  One individual used two sketches and one feature (3 elements total).  Two other individuals used more »

And the May Contest winner is…

The winner of the May Contest is Deepak Gupta! The contest was to see who could list the highest number of SolidWorks related forums not currently listed at Lorono’s SolidWorks Resources.  The contest itself generated over 70 comments, with about 65 or so submissions.  I am personally amazed by the total number of submissions.  For more »

SWW09: Prototype This!

Prototype This is a show on Discovery Channel where four engineers create prototypes for radical new ideas.  Dr. Mike North and Joe Grant represented the show at today’s General Session.  From their entrance, we know this would be no ordinary presentation.  Joe was in a Firefigther’s hat, pushing (and pulling) Mike up to the stage in one more »