SOLIDWORKS World 2017 Highlights

Here’s some highlights from SOLIDWORKS World 2017: And, yes, SOLIDWORKS World 2018 will be returning to the Los Angeles Convention Center for 2018.  In case you missed some of the fun that LA has to offer this year, you’ll have a second chance to indulge in 2018! Here’s some of my experiences at SOLIDWORKS World … Continue reading “SOLIDWORKS World 2017 Highlights”

Presentations at SOLIDWORKS World 2017

Normally, members of the Product Definition team at DS SolidWorks Corp give two presentations at each SOLIDWORKS World.  Presentations can be either Hands-on or Breakout.  Hands-on sessions involve attendee participation at desktop computers provided for the conference.  Attendees typically follow and repeat steps shown by the presenter.  Breakout sessions are essentially talks with demonstrations of … Continue reading “Presentations at SOLIDWORKS World 2017”

SOLIDWORKS World 2016 was full of product announces

This year at SOLIDWORKS World was full of product announcements, every day during the general sessions: SOLIDWORKS PCB, SOLIDWORKS Maker, term licencing option, online trail, Xdrive, Xdesign, and that’s just the first day! A touch device friendly interface of SOLIDWORKS (any device, any time, any where) was also briefly demonstrated. As usual, the Research and … Continue reading “SOLIDWORKS World 2016 was full of product announces”

Pictures and Video at SOLIDWORKS World 2015 General Session

It’s fun to take photos and video during the SOLIDWORKS World General Sessions, particularly if your favorite keynote speaker is doing something really awesome on stage or robots are flying over the audience.  There was a rule that attendees are not allowed to take video (and sometimes photos) of General Sessions.  Something is different this year. This … Continue reading “Pictures and Video at SOLIDWORKS World 2015 General Session”