Resellers are already making great videos about SOLIDWORKS 2016 new functions

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This morning, I started looking around Youtube to see what’s already popped up for SOLIDWORKS 2016 What’s New.  There is already several great videos by several resellers.  Here’s a few for Mate Controller, Foreshorten Dimensions and DimXpert.


DimXpert at SolidWorks World 2014

DimXpert presentations seemed to get a lot of interest at SolidWorks World 2014.  Both sessions I attended had full rooms.

DimXpert Break-out
DimXpert Break-out Session
DimXpert Hands-on Session
DimXpert Hands-on Session

All The Uses of DimXpert, a Monday morning session by Josh Spencer of  3DVision Technologies was over flowing with interested attendees.  Josh went into detail about what to use DimXpert for and how to use it.  He described how to leverage DimXpert in TolAnalyst and SolidWorks Drawings.

Introduction to DimXpert and Tolanalyst, a Monday afternoon session by Brian McElyea of Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation was also a full session, not just with hands-on attendees, but also observers from the session’s wait list.  Brian walked attendees through hands-on usage of DimXpert and TolAnalyst with a castor assembly.

DimXpert was also featured in several Model Based Definition break-out sessions, including my own presentation on Wednesday called Model Based Definition in the Context of SolidWorks, where I went into detail about the various methods used to employ Model Based Definition and how to set up and use SolidWorks for best results.

I am interested to see how others are interested in DimXpert.  Was the interest shown at SolidWorks World 2014 a fluke or indicative of general interest within Industry?

User Group meeting last evening

Hari Padmanabhan and myself presented at the Center Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut SolidWorks Users Group (CMNC-SWUG) yesterday evening.  The meeting was very well attended.   It’s prolly the largest user group meeting I’ve seen.  However, from what I understand, this is par for the course for this region.

Hari gave a very detailed presentation on SolidWorks Animation.  He demonstrated functionality on solid models of real-life toys that he had also brought in.  He  also did a great job of explaining the differences between the three modes within Animation, called Animation (simple point to point movement), Basic Motion (game engine physics) and Motion Analysis (complex physics model).

My own presentation covered DimXpert and TolAnalyst.  DimXpert is one of those capabilities that seems to be under utilized because people are simply unfamiliar with it.  It is a powerful and fairly easy to use tool.  It’s not a whole lot different than dimensioning a drawing, except that DimXpert dimensions and tolerances actually have a fundamental understanding of what they are controlling.

Technically, CMNC-SWUG is my hometown user group, so I’ll be looking forward to their further events.