Found a gem about David Copperfield

In an interview earlier this year, David Copperfield apparently mentions SolidWorks eDrawings iPad app.  His comment doesn’t appear in the released edit of the interview video, but it is mentioned in the body of the article about the interview:  David Copperfield is looking to tech for new tricks.  His interview was at the CES 2015 and also his museum.  In the interview, he talks about modern interaction with his fans and how he utilizes social media to add depth to and improve his shows.

David Copperfield is looking to tech for new tricks

One thing I forget to mention about eDrawings for Android yesterday

eDrawings logo - BackOne thing I forget to mention about eDrawings for Android in yesterday’s article is how wonder something simple like an actual standard Back button is with this (and any) app!  In eDrawings for Android when you have a document open, your device’s Back button takes you out of that document back to the list of documents loaded onto your device.  Of course, there is a hidden UI back button too if you have a document open: the eDrawings logo in the upper left corner.

eDrawings for Android ( #edrawings #edrawingsforandriod )

The very much anticipated initial release of eDrawings for Android is now available from the Google Play store.  As with its sibling on the iOS, this inexpensive app is $1.99.  It can view SolidWorks models (.sldprt), assemblies (.sldasm) and drawings (.slddrw).  Of course, it can view eDrawing formats (.edrw, .eprt, .easm).  These files can be loaded from any standard source (email, online clouds, website, etc) including files directly copied in the eDrawings folder on your device.


This initial release of eDrawings for Andriod represents the first time that you can inexpensively open and view native SolidWorks files on an Andriod device.  Not just on tablets, but pretty much any device with 4.0 or higher Andriod OS.  I have eDrawings running on my ancient Galaxy S2 smartphone.  All images in this article are direct screenshoots of eDrawings from my phone.

As with other mobile version releases of eDrawings, this app provides familiar functionality.  You can now access and use 3D CAD models and 2D drawings anywhere you can take your Android device!  This provides a great tool to communicate 3D data with co-workers on the road, or quickly reference a drawing without lugging around a laptop (or printouts).  This app can be used all the way up and down a supply chain from vendors to end-customers.

eDrawings for Android

User Experience

Once you launch the app, a list of currently available models and drawings is shown, with thumbnail previews. You can select from the standard selection of Samples or from the files you’ve uploaded to your device.  As with other mobile releases of eDrawings, the sample files provide greate examples to try out eDrawings functionality.

File list

When you open a supported 3D model, you can rotate, pan, zoom in and out, zoom fit (double-tap), and zoom home.  Also, the play button will take on a tour through the standard views of the model.

Usability and Performance

eDrawings for Android is very intuitive for amyone familiar with multitouch screens.  One finger drag rotates the model.  Two fingers initiate a pan.  Pinching two fingers is zoom in and out.  Switching between configurations and sheets is fast using the dropdown menu.

Loading files onto an Android device is even easier than with iOS devices.  You can simply connect your Android device with your computer using a standard USB cable and then copy the files over to the eDrawings folder on your device using Windows explorer (for PCs).


For assemblies, you can highlight an individual component with the options to immediately set to hide, make transparent, isolate and show all.


Of course, configurations are supported for eDrawings files, allowing you switch between them with a drop down menu.  And then, what would eDrawings be without the ability to explode assemblies?  I think there is actually some entertainment value to watching assemblies explode out to their individual parts.

Explode that assembly


Disclaimer – Though this article was not reviewed by SolidWorks, nor its parent company Dassault Systemes nor any other entity, the author of this article is an employee of Dassault Systemes and is internally familiar with eDrawings.  As such, this article should not be understood as being from an uninvolved and neutral third party.


Zooming methods and standard views are the same as assemblies.  The Play button is also available, as fun as every.   You can also select and highlight individual faces on parts.


Standard views

DimXpert dimensions are supported for eDrawings part files (.eprt).

DimXpert dimensions


Navigation in 2D CAD documents works a little different from assemblies and parts.  Pan, zoom in and out, zoom fit and zoom home are available.  There is logically no ability to rotate a drawing sheet into 3D space.  When Play is used, you will see a slide show of each of the drawing views on the drawing.


Zoomed in to drawing view

Drawing sheets are also supported from a dropdown menu.


eDrawings for Android has enough functions to immediately make this tool useful for viewing SolidWorks and eDrawings files on Android devices of various types.  The user interface is geared towards the tablet sized devices, but the app works well on smartphones too, being easy to use and intuitive.

eDrawings for Android is available as of August 12, 2013 from the Google Play store here: eDrawings from SolidWorks.  There’s already a lot of activity on the Twitter hashtag #edrawings and more specific discussions are welcome on #edrawingsforandroid too.  There is also some additional information found at the SolidWorks eDrawings Mobile website.

What’s New in SolidWorks 2013: New capabilities of Exploded Views

This entry is part 9 of 12 in the series New in SolidWorks 2013

Multiple exploded views per configuration

In assemblies and multibody parts, the ability to create multiple exploded views for each configuration is now available.  As before, each exploded view appears under the specific configuration in the Feature Tree at the Configurations tab.  Now, multiple exploded views can appear as a list under each configuration .  This means you now longer need that the old workflow of having to maintain separate configurations for separate exploded views, even when the configurations are otherwise identical.

This functionality is also now supported in eDrawings.

Copying exploded views

Additional power has been added to exploded views and configurations where you can use normal windows Copy-and-Paste functions (CTRL-C/CTRL-V) to copy and paste exploded views between configurations!  To do this, highlight an exploded view in one configuration and hit CTRL-C.  Go to another configuration in the same assembly, and hit CTRL-V. Easy!

eDrawings Pro for iPad is here! ( #edrawingsforipad )

The Pro version of eDrawings on iPad, called eDrawings Pro for iPad,  is now available from the Apple App Store. This is a new app ($4.99 for 30 days or so, then $9.99 regular price) that goes beyond viewing SolidWorks documents. All of the same formats can be viewed (SolidWorks files, eDrawing formats and .DWG). Now, you have the ability to cut section views, measure, and read and write a variety of comments.  All images in this article are actual screen shots.


The official name of the new app is eDrawings Pro for iPad from SolidWorks. This new product release brings core eDrawings Professional functionality to the iPad.  In addition to viewing, you can now inexpensively markup native SolidWorks files on a mobile device.  Additionally, permissions (such as the ability to measure) that are saved into eDrawings files via SolidWorks are respected in this mobile version.

User Experience

Similar to eDrawings for iPad, when the app is started, you are presented with a menu of models and drawings. There is an area of sample models and an area for your files, called “User Files”.

The sample files provide good cases to try out new eDrawings Pro for iPad functionality. The User Files area lists any files which you have added to your iPad to view in eDrawings Pro.

When you open a supported 3D file, you can rotate, pan, zoom in and out, zoom fit, zoom home (last view when file that was saved). Same as eDrawings for iPad, this Pro release can Play a model by transitioning between different views of the model.

While eDrawings Pro for iPad remains in memory, leaving and returning to the app will maintain settings and view orientation of the file that was left open.  This can potentially save a fair amount of time.

There has also been several incremental improvements too, such as an improved docking panel to allow quicker access to drawing sheets, configurations (models and assemblies), and components (assemblies).


You can now measure models in eDrawings formats where permission has been allowed by the SolidWorks.  When entering the measure tool, you are presented with the Measure cursor.  Simply tap and drag the cursor over the geometry you wish to measure, then tap again to select the highlighted element.  Tap and drag again and select a second geometric element to measure the distances between two elements.  The results will be very familiar to users of both eDrawings and SolidWorks.

Similar to the desktop version of eDrawings, filters are provided to speed up the element selection process.

Section View

Section View tool allows you to peer into the model, with a number of options.  You have the ability to view a cutting plane in the Y-X, Y-Z, and the Z-X directions.  You can also flip the side of the cut.

Showing the cutting plane is optional, though keeping the plane visible allows you to adjust the cut location while the section view is shown.  Just tap on the plane and drag it (tip and trick alert!).

You can also show or hide the cut cap when you want to control the level of detail along the cutting plane.  Additionally, a section view can be viewed while working within other tools, such as Measure.


What would a Pro version of eDrawings be without the ability to create comments!   Supported comment types are Text (with no border, and Box , Cloud and Ellispe borders), Freehand shapes, Dimensions, Insert Photo, and Take Photo (with iPad camera).

Comments scenes are automatically saved and retreivable from the Markups tab of the docking panel.

Hide and Show

For assemblies, there are now tools to control display settings for individual components, including Show All and Isolate functions.


eDrawings Pro for iPad has enough of the core eDrawings Professional functions to immediately make this a useful tool to those of us that need to quickly communicate design intent, information about model interiors, redlines and other detailed information. It is still very inexpensive when compared to other applications that perform similar tasks on native SolidWorks and eDrawings files.

eDrawings Pro for iPad is available as of August 31, 2012 from the Apple App Store. Please find and install this app through App Store from your iPad device.