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CAD and Engineering Blogs                                 SolidWorks Forums

SolidWorks Inquires                                               SolidWorks Resources

SolidWorks Tutorials                                             General Engineering

Career Resources

SolidWorks related forums in a variety of forms.

3D CAD Forums | SolidWorks 
SolidWorks forums on 3D CAD Forums.

Eng-Tips | SolidWorks 
SolidWorks forums on Eng-tips.

Facebook | SolidWorks Corp
SolidWorks on Google+.

Linkedin | SolidWorks group
SolidWorks group on Linkedin.

mCADForums | SolidWorks 
SolidWorks forums on mCADForums.

Product Design Forums 
Product design.

Reddit | SolidWorks 
SolidWorks group on Google Groups.

SolidWorks Forums 
SolidWorks forums on SolidWorks corporate website.

SolidWorks API Group 
SolidWorks API group on Google Groups.

SolidWorks group on Google Groups.

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