CAD Resource Websites – Page 4


CAD and Engineering Blogs                                 SolidWorks Forums

SolidWorks Inquires                                               SolidWorks Resources

SolidWorks Tutorials                                             General Engineering

Career Resources

Models, macros, and other file resources. SolidWorks Macros 
SolidWorks macros.

Ctopher’s Home 
SolidWorks files and how-to’s.

Core 77
Industrial design and engineering.

Esox Republic Home Page 
SolidWorks macros.

Facebook | SolidWorks page
SolidWorks Facebook page.

Lenny’s SolidWorks Resources 
SolidWorks macros.

SolidWorks corporate website.

SolidWorks API 
SolidWorks API programming.

SolidWorks What’s New (All) 
All SolidWorks What’s New guides.

SolidWorks Wikipedia article 
SolidWorks Wikipedia article.

SolidWorks files.

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