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Career Resources

Websites for general engineering resources

American Design Drafting Association 
American Design Drafting Association (ADDA) is an organization dedicated to training and education in the field of drafting and graphic arts for mechanical, architectural, civil engineering and other technical fields.

Founded as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, now known simply as ASME.

ASSIST – Quick Search 
MIL Standards.

ASTM International 
Founded as American Society for Testing and Materials, now known simply as ASTM International.

Design standards.

Engineers Edge 
Great site for engineering research and calculators.
ISO international standards.

Material Property Data website.

Mechanical Engineering books (  
Mechanical Engineering book list.

National Society of Professional Engineers 
PEs come here.

SAE International 
Founded as Society of Automobile Engineers, now known as SAE International.

Society of Plastics Engineers 
Society that establishes plastics specifications, most commonly known for their finish standard.

Thomas Register online.

Wire Size Calculator wire (conductor) size calculator.

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