Year of the Angle Dimension – Part 1 – Imaginary Rays

There was a heavy focus on expanding functionality of angle dimensions using the Smart Dimension tool in SOLIDWORKS 2015.  These enhancements streamline drawing detailing and sketch creation tasks.  Here’s the first of such enhancements. There is a long standing request for the ability to apply angle dimensions where one ray is aligned to geometry (model … Continue reading “Year of the Angle Dimension – Part 1 – Imaginary Rays”

Copying sheets from one drawing to another

It’s been well over a year since I’ve done a raw tips and tricks posting.  That’s a year too long.  So, here’s a quickie! In SOLIDWORKS drawings, you can copy a drawing sheet from one open drawing to another open drawing via the right-click menu in the Drawing Tree. Open the copy-from and copy-to drawings. … Continue reading “Copying sheets from one drawing to another”

It may correct per the Standard, but it’s not pretty (until you see the alternatives)

An interesting thread appeared on the SolidWorks Forum this earlier this month. A SolidWorks user posted a question asking how to flip dimension text from one side of a dimension line to the other, for an ISO Standard drawing. The perceived problem was that a non-orthogonal linear dimension appears backwards to nearby orthogonal linear dimensions. … Continue reading “It may correct per the Standard, but it’s not pretty (until you see the alternatives)”

A look around the blogsphere

There are generally a lot interesting posts following SolidWorks World.  Here is a short sample this year: HomeByMe… imagine, design, and share 3D housing projects CIDEON Workspace Makes a Connection Between SAP and SolidWorks SolidWorks World and CATI Day 3 Bam! Zok! Poit! Get Hit With What’s Coming in SolidWorks 2015 Dassualt Systèmes makes $750m … Continue reading “A look around the blogsphere”