Presentation: SolidWorks World 2012 advanced customization

Mouse GesturesAuthor: Matthew Lorono

Source: SolidWorks Legion

This PowerPoint presentation was presented at SolidWorks World 2012. It provides overview exposure to a variety of customizable areas within SolidWorks: Tags, Mouse Gestures, Shortcut Bars, Search Commands, Sheet Metal Gage Tables, Hole Wizard holes, Hole Callout Format File, and Symbols.



Line Styles: Random Appearance

Random Line StylesAuthor: Matthew Lorono

Source: SolidWorks Legion

Three line styles for SolidWorks that have a random appearance.  To use this file (after downloading and unzipping):

1.Open a document in SolidWorks, such as a drawing template.

2.Goto Tools pulldown>Options…>Document Properties>Line Style.  This brings up the Load Line Sytle(s) dialog.

3.Click on Load button.

4.Click on the button.  This brings up the Open dialog.

5.Navigate to location of the “RandomLine.sldlin” file and open.  This returns back to the Load Line Style(s) dialog.

6.Highlight all of the line styles (SHIFT is necessary to multi-selection in this window).

7.Click on OK.

For this document, you will now have access to these new line styles.