SolidWorks World 2014 Jan 26-29 2014 @ San Diego Convention Center

SolidWorks World 2014

Yup, time to start thinking about SolidWorks World 2014.  This year, San Diego has the honor of hosting our event at the San Diego Convention Center.  If case you are not aware, Comic-Con uses this same site in July.  It is a great location (being in San Diego).

Call for Presentations is still wide open!  Presenting does have its benefits (not just recognition)!

Call for Presentations

Boss’s justification letter and other reasons to attend are always available.  (SolidWorks World 2014 doesn’t fall on Valentine’s this year, so the Luvification letter won’t be quite as necessary this year, but you are welcome to modify it to use this year if needed.)  As before, attendees have the oppotunity to take a CSWP exam as part of their attendance.

Why Attend?  Justification!

There’s also so many other things to do in San Diego while you are there.  I’ll be publishing an update to this article this year, but for now, here’s the list of a couple years ago.

See you there!

SWW09: Wednesday General Session (Part 3: Jeff Ray makes announcements)

First, the fun fact.  SolidWorks World 2010 will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Southern California.  I think this is good for many of us left coasters, but also for those from the Asian Pacific areas and Central America; it means visitors from the East Coast and Europe will have to do more planning.

In a pre-announcement of sorts, Ray spoke about a new program that will start later this year called Engineering Stimulus Package.  This program is designed to support engineers who have lost their job through no fault of their own in the current difficult economic environment.  A free personal version of SolidWorks will be given to such individuals, along with contact with their local VAR.  In a news conference later today, Jeff Ray added that this program is similar to another program implemented by SolidWorks Corp during the last economic downturn.  The key difference this time is that this new program will have the goal to help the participicants to achieve a CSWA, which will give them an advantage by providing certification of their skillset related to SolidWorks. He also added that the roll out of this program will be in different stages around the world, but that it will be global (not North American centric).  A forecoming official press release will have more details later this year.

Ray announced that there is a new program in Ireland where 18,000 seats will be placed in over 900 schools around the country, giving 16 to 18 year-olds the opportunity to use 3D CAD software earlier in their schooling.  Currently, there are over a 1 million students using SolidWorks worldwide.

He made several other announcements that I may cover via other articles.

SolidWorks Technical Summit – L.A., CA (Photos and such)

No matter how many words one uses (perhaps 1000?), there’s just something about photographs that really makes the point.  My previous article covered the SolidWorks Technical Summit – Los Angeles, CA in December 2008.   So, here’s a couple of photos from that event.

Full sessions

Phil Sluder’s session on 10 SolidWorks assembly fundamentals was nearly standing room only.  I’m not going to say there was a fight over one of the front row chairs, but I will say there was one of those “excuse me, I was sitting there” moments.

During our lunch, Richard Doyle presented 5 awesome prizes; the most awesome prize being a free admission to SolidWorks World 2009!  The lucky winner of this prize is the very happy Robert Wittwer of Power Probe, Inc in Brea, CA.

Robert Wittwer wins!

And don’t try to counterfeit the free admission form for yourself!  Richard Doyle handles the submission of these forms personally, and he knows who won throughout the year! 🙂