Linkedin adds a new and useful category

Linkedin logoRecently, Linkedin drastically expanded the number of sections available on a user’s profile page (a defacto resume).  This is important to engineers and other SolidWorks users because one of the new sections is Certification.  This new section displays the certificate name, certification authority, license (certificate) number, certificate issue and expiration dates.  SolidWorks Certified Professionals (CSWP), Professional Engineers (PE) and others can now add their certificates directly to their Linkedin profile, complete with their verifiable certificate number.  Here is my Linkedin profile as an example.  My CSWP appears between the Experience and Education sections.

To add your professional certificates, log on to Linkedin and view the Edit Profile page.  Above the Summary section is a link that looks like this:

NEW Add sections to reflect achievements and experiences on your profile.  Add Sections

In addition to certificates, there are many new sections available such as patents, publications, skills, and even tweets and reading list.

While you are there

If you are a CSWP, you may also wish to join the CSWP group on Linkedin.  The group is dutifully maintained by Jeff Mirisola.  He does check CSWP status before accepting new group members.

Stump the Chumps II (update)

There is a sizable group of suckers who volunteered to be your humble servants in the second Stump the Chumps session.  At Stump the Chumps, you are given a chance to ask just about any SolidWorks questions you want.  Preferably your questions will be about some issue you are currently addressing, which we can help solve.

The first Stump the Chumps session at SolidWorks World 2008 got bogged down with very complex model specific questions that were asked during the session.  This time around at SolidWorks World 2010, we will not likely address those types of questions in session UNLESS you submit them via email to us prior to the session (with models or at least provide substantial detail).  I would recommend submitting such questions by the end of the first week of January 2010.

That said, questions will be taken live at the session as well.  But for best results, I highly recommend that your questions be submitted before hand.   The more obscure your questions, the better for everyone!  In the words of Jeff Mirisola, go ahead and make our day!  Our goal is to fit as many answers as possible into the 90 minutes we’ve been allotted.

Please attempt to stump the chumps by emailing your SolidWorks questions to

Just so you know that we are real people, here’s the faces of your chumps:

Matthew Lorono

UPDATE: We now have a submission website set up where questions can be asked and voted upon!

*Submit here*