Year of the Angle Dimension – Part 5 – Take a 180

What do you do when you need to create an angle dimension at 180 degrees? Maybe you need a 180 degree angle driving dimension between two sketch lines for sketch mechanisms. Maybe you just want to show the relationship between two parts of an assembly at a particularly point in their motion relative to each other, expressed more »

Year of the Angle Dimension (Part 4): Symmetricality

Previous releases of SOLIDWORKS introduced linear dimensions in sketches that can be applied symmetrically when created across a centerline.   Further enhancements saw smarter behavior, where the selected centerline is remembered for multiple dimensions created in sequence.  For SOLIDWORKS 2015, you can create multiple half and full symmetric angular dimensions without selecting the centerline each time. more »

Year of the Angle Dimension – Part 3 – Goodbye Zero

When you use angles that are set to deg/min and deg/min/sec, there are often times when you’ll have zero (0) for one of the levels of units.  For example, an angle may be 43 degrees, 0 minutes and 20 seconds.  This is displayed as 43° 0′ 20″.  For many people, the 0 minutes is redundent more »

Year of the Angle Dimension – Part 2 – Flipping out (and over)

In SOLIDWORKS 2015, there are two methods to change (flip) an angle dimension. Vertically Opposite Angle You can now flip any placed angle dimension to its vertically opposite angle.   This is useful when you wish to place the entire angle dimension outside of the model edges. Right-click on the angle to bring up the right-click more »

Year of the Angle Dimension – Part 1 – Imaginary Rays

There was a heavy focus on expanding functionality of angle dimensions using the Smart Dimension tool in SOLIDWORKS 2015.  These enhancements streamline drawing detailing and sketch creation tasks.  Here’s the first of such enhancements. There is a long standing request for the ability to apply angle dimensions where one ray is aligned to geometry (model more »

Drawings Top Ten list from years past: SWW2013

The top ten Drawings specific ideas submitted to SolidWorks World 2013 Top Ten list were heavily focused on dimensions and drawing views. SolidWorks World 2013 Top Ten Drawings Ideas Create auxiliary line for dimensioning angles – Implemented in SW2015 Perimeter Dimension or Total Length Dimension Allow mirroring of drawing views in the drawing Isometric view break more »