Free Certified SolidWorks Associate or Profession exam when you attend SolidWorks World 2013

There are a lot of extra benefits to attendees of SolidWorks World 2013.  One benefit is that when you sign up to attend, you are given the option to take a free SolidWorks certification exam at SolidWorks World.  My advice is that if you do not yet have certification, take the exam!  It’s free with your full conference pass!

There are two entry points for certification on SolidWorks:

  • SolidWorks Certified Associate (CSWA) which covers basic SolidWorks skills.
  • SolidWorks Certified Professional (CSWP) which covers deeper understanding of SolidWorks skills.  This certificate is required to qualify for advanced exam modules as you work your way to earning CSWE.

I’ve heard that some people shy away from taking the exam because they are not confident in their skills.   I’ve heard this from some well experienced individuals.  If you have neither certification and are nervous about the exam, then attempt the CSWA exam.  If you are already a CSWA or have been in industry for awhile, than take the CSWP-CORE exam.   Preparation is still very important in either case.  There are plenty of materials that are available to help get yourself read for the exam.  There’s even a sample exam with which you can practice!

The exams are held on Sunday, January 20, 2013, the afternoon prior to the official start of SolidWorks World 2013 at Disney’s Swan and Dolphin Resort.

Bertrand Sicot makes progress to CSWP

During an event at SolidWorks World 2011, Bertrand Sicot, new CEO of SolidWorks Corp, made a declaration that he would earn his CSWP status by SolidWorks World 2012 (February 13, 2012) .  He recently posted on update on his progress on the SolidWorks Blog.  I cannot do justice to Sicot’s own great words by restating them here, so I invite you to read his article without any further introduction.

Linkedin adds a new and useful category

Linkedin logoRecently, Linkedin drastically expanded the number of sections available on a user’s profile page (a defacto resume).  This is important to engineers and other SolidWorks users because one of the new sections is Certification.  This new section displays the certificate name, certification authority, license (certificate) number, certificate issue and expiration dates.  SolidWorks Certified Professionals (CSWP), Professional Engineers (PE) and others can now add their certificates directly to their Linkedin profile, complete with their verifiable certificate number.  Here is my Linkedin profile as an example.  My CSWP appears between the Experience and Education sections.

To add your professional certificates, log on to Linkedin and view the Edit Profile page.  Above the Summary section is a link that looks like this:

NEW Add sections to reflect achievements and experiences on your profile.  Add Sections

In addition to certificates, there are many new sections available such as patents, publications, skills, and even tweets and reading list.

While you are there

If you are a CSWP, you may also wish to join the CSWP group on Linkedin.  The group is dutifully maintained by Jeff Mirisola.  He does check CSWP status before accepting new group members.

Bertrand Sicot declares he will be a CSWP

At SolidWorks World, there are a lot of events.  One of the more interesting events is the Press Event.  This event is held in honor of the Press attendees.  It gives them a chance to connect directly with SolidWorks employees and leadership.  Bernard Charles, CEO of Dassault Systemes, and Bertrand Sicot, CEO of the SolidWorks subsidiary, were both on-hand at this year’s Press Event last night.  Several of the CAD bloggers had a chance to talk with both CEOs for a considerable length of time.

As some are aware, Sicot is a SolidWorks user.  In Sales, he may be called upon to demonstrate the product.  During our conversion, I asked Sicot if he is a CSWP (Certified SolidWorks Professional).  His first answer was a sheepish smile.  After reminding him that Jeff Ray (previous CEO of SolidWorks) has his certification, Sicot lamented, “I should have my CSWP.”  In front of Charles and others, Sicot then added, “I will have my CSWP before the next SolidWorks World.”  I must give kudos to Sicot for stepping up to the challenge.

He is a busy person right now.  Since his promotion, he has been doing double duty both as CEO of SolidWorks and also still as EVP of Global Sales (until his replacement is found).  With those responsibilities, I don’t expect him to earn his CSWP within the next couple of months.  Becoming a CSWP by this time next year does seem realistic.

The CSWP is important since it demonstrates that a person as a firm understanding of how to use SolidWorks core functions.  Sicot’s spontaneous declaration (that he will earn his CSWP) isn’t a stunt, in my opinion.  It seems to be born out of a genuine desire to connect to SolidWorks users.

April Contest prize requested photos

There was a recent request to add photos of the prizes for the SolidWorks Legion April 2010 contest.  I guess this will makes the prizes more tangible.  (All it takes to enter this contest is to leave comments on SolidWorks Legion articles that are published during April 2010 and any SolidWorks Legion articles linked via twitter by my fcsuper account.)

Prize Photos

First prize: There is no photo available for a CSWP test voucher, since its just a code that allows you to take the test.  However, if the winner passes the test, they will be able to use their CSWP badge.


Second prize:  I don’t have a photo of Sir Richard Branson’s book, but a press release photo should be fine to represent this prize.  This copy is a new and unread book that has some sort of official replicated Sir Richard Branson signature.  (I have my own “signed” copy, which is not so new.)


Third prize:  Due to the rarity of the SolidWorks labelled insulated hot/cold mug, I could’ve made it a first prize in a different contest.  These mugs are tough.  I love my own personal mug.  It literally keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks warm for hours.  (All bets are off if you try to mix cold and hot drinks together).  This prize is for the new/never-used mug in this photo.


(Remember, even articles about the contest qualify comments for the contest during the month of April 2010.)