Presentations at SOLIDWORKS World 2017

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Normally, members of the Product Definition team at DS SolidWorks Corp give two presentations at each SOLIDWORKS World.  Presentations can be either Hands-on or Breakout.  Hands-on sessions involve attendee participation at desktop computers provided for the conference.  Attendees typically follow and repeat steps shown by the presenter.  Breakout sessions are essentially talks with demonstrations of functionality in SOLIDWORKS products.

Sometimes our team gives extra presentations.  There are cases where our hands-on sessions are very popular, so we add an extra hands-on session of the same material for the overflow.  Other times, we give the multiple breakout sessions on various topics.

My Presentations

At SOLIDWORKS World 2017, I gave three presentations and a panel discussion.  It almost never fails that I give a presentation right after the General Session on Monday of the conference.  This year, my Monday presentation was a hands-on session about new functionality that’s been added to SOLIDWORKS over the past 5 years.  The session was Streamline Drawing Creation with Newer SOLIDWORKS Drawing Tools.  In this session, attendees got to try out newer drawing tools that they may have missed before, such as

  • User Interface improvements
  • Drawing Zones, Location Label and Automatic Border tool
  • All uppercase setting for notes
  • Angle Dimension enhancements
  • Model Break View
  • Balloon improvements and more

If you’d like to check out this session’s materials, please feel free to download:

Streamline Drawing Creation with Newer SOLIDWORKS Drawing Tools (6MB+)

On Tuesday, I gave two breakout sessions.  The first one was planned and well-prepared about MBD called Model-Based Definition using SOLIDWORKS MBD.  This session covered very general overview of  MBD, ways to implement settings in SOLIDWORKS for the best MBD experience, SOLIDWORKS MBD tools (3D Views, 3D PDF Publisher, etc), and DimXpert.  A lot of people attended this session.  Though, I didn’t pack the house to the wall.

Filling in the room to talk about MBD

The Powerpoint for this session is downloadable here (SOLIDWORKS files not included):

Model Base Definition using SolidWorks-2017 (4MB)

The second Tuesday breakout session,  I presented on BOM’s, called Building SOLIDWORKS BOMs.  Due to a cancellation by the original speaker, I had to step to not only cover the empty slot in the schedule, but also talk about BOMs without a prepared Powerpoint slide deck or file set.  Since there were no materials for me to work from, I had to skip the Tuesday General Session to give myself time to pull together a session plan and file set.  Given the circumstances, I believe I did well.  I was able to cover many basics about BOMs, and also more advanced capabilities.

  • BOM table display options
  • BOM Type (Top Level, Parts Only and Indented)
  • Options for displaying configurations of the same part
  • Keep Missing Item settings
  • BOM Anchor
  • BOM Template
  • Virtual Parts
  • Document Properties
  • Sorting
  • etc.

Unfortunately, because the session was off-the-cuff, there is no Powerpoint outline to provide.  The session was recorded, so it should be available as a video while the SOLIDWORKS Proceedings are available (soon).

On Wednesday, I was part of the panel discussion about MBD.  Five speakers participated in an engagement with attendees who are interested in MBD.  This session was called SOLIDWORKS World 2017 MBD Learning Path Panel Discussion.  Attendees asked about many MBD related topics, including STEP, real world implications, specific use cases, vendor adoption, etc.

Just over two week until SWW15

SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2015 Agenda header

Just over two weeks remain.  There’s still time to sign up and plan to go to SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2015.

I’m presenting 3 sessions this year:  Two identical hands-on sessions on new Drawing Zones functionality in SOLIDWORKS 2015; and one breakout session to introduce the topic of Model Based Definition in the context of SOLIDWORKS.

There are many other great SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2015 sessions, well over 200!  Below is just a short sample.


Surfacing with Style by Charles Culp – Discussion of best techniques for creating sketch profiles in SOLIDWORKS, and when to use each tool; with  emphasis on the Style Spline sketch tool, and why it can be a superior tool for generating elegant curves.

Creating Company SOLIDWORKS Standards by Greg Johnson – Based on industry experience, how to create company modeling and drawing standards, include items to document are not.

What You Didn’t Know About Assemblies and Mating—2015 by Daniel Herzberg – Overview of several mid-level assembly tools that many SOLIDWORKS users have likely never had the opportunity to learn, such as Advanced Mates and Interference Detection, as well as the many assembly enhancements launched in the past year.

SOLIDWORKS Compliance to Standards, Including MIL-STD-31000 by Rich Eckenrode – Learn about new SOLIDWORKS MBD tool that achieves compliance to MIL-STD-31000 appendix B.  They will also gain insight into experiences using the MBD tool.

Working with BOMs So They Don’t Work You by Annie Cheung – Learn about all of the types, options, and tools available in SOLIDWORKS Bill Of Materials (BOMs) to build more efficient and informative BOMs.

Configuring SOLIDWORKS Toolbox by John Van Engen – Gain the power of SOLIDWORKS Toolbox by adding your own custom holes, fasteners, and part numbers! Learn how to configure and customize SOLIDWORKS Hole Wizard and Toolbox.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation: Accelerating the Design Process by Arunachalam Thiraviam – Benefits of incorporating SOLIDWORKS simulation into the product design workflow. It is geared toward introducing new simulation users to the capabilities of the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard.

SOLIDWORKS API for Total Beginners by Keith Rice – This session will walk you through the creation of a powerful macro from scratch, and you’ll learn about the three foundational skills of SOLIDWORKS API programming and what resources can help you achieve proficiency.

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Hands-On Test Drive by Lotfi Derbal – Attendees will learn how to use SOLIDWORKS Plastics to optimize their plastics part and injection mold designs.

The World Is Still Flat: Everything You Need to Know About Drawing Views by Rachel Diane York – Drawings have many elements, the most important being Drawing Views. We will discuss and practice creating views to help users lay the proper foundation for beautiful drawings.

SolidWorks World 2012 Proceedings site is now available ( #fb )

SolidWorks World 2012 presentations are now available for download or viewing on the preceedings website.  Visit to access the proceedings information.

Also available there are videos of the General Sessions, Partner Pavilion information and some photos.